What is a site trust and how to increase it?

Beginners webmasters often wonder why the positions of their sites are too low, despite the fact that they have optimized the page for a specific query, bought links and took care of internal linking.

The fact is that trust sites always receive priority when ranking and occupy higher positions.

How to increase website trust? First you need to figure out what a trust is. Experienced optimizers understand this word as the level of trust of search engines in the old resources.

Simply put, it is respect, which is very difficult to achieve and can be lost in a few months. But everything is in your hands and increase the trust of the site, if you wish, everyone can.

What is a site trust and how to increase it?

On the Internet, you can find special services that define the trust of the site, but the data in them is not correct. No third-party resource is able to determine who more trust in search services. There are no trust indicators, so it can be either high or low.

In many ways, the level of trust depends on the duration of the site. If the project has been operating for several years and continues to gain momentum, this will definitely affect the positions. It should be noted that high-age sites have impressive attendance, and Wikipedia can be cited as an example.

What is a site trust and how to increase it?

What does site trust depend on?

According to the representatives of search engines, over 800 different criteria are taken into account when ranking sites and determining positions. . It is difficult to say whether this information is reliable, and in order to increase the trust of your site, you need to pay special attention to the following factors:

  • domain and site age;
  • attendance;
  • content quality (uniqueness, re-spam with keywords, upgradeability);
  • character size (the more the better);
  • competent optimization (internal and external);
  • availability high quality external reference weight;
  • ergonomic and pleasant design;
  • no technical errors (slow loading, doubles, broken links);
  • relevance info mation and involvement of the target audience;
  • behavioral factors;
  • relevant articles;
  • the quality and volume of outgoing link mass.

While actively working on improving our site, one can never say for sure how much the level of trust will rise.

To earn the respect of search engines, you will have to work long and hard for several years. If your resources do not develop and attract a growing audience of users, the trust is unlikely to increase.

If you still want to check the trust level of your site, use the service

. Developers offer a simple tool for trust verification, but an indicator helps determine whether a page is suitable for buying links.

To increase the trust of the site, upgrade the design of the project, update the old posts, watch the links for spamming, adjust the internal linking and perform other actions to improve the project.

Raising the trust of a site is a great goal , but to do this you need to think through all the details and work on each factor of the resource.

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