What is a scam? What sites are called scam?

Internet users who begin to study e-commerce face a lot of difficult terms and unfamiliar words. One of these terms is SCAM. Translation of the word "fraud" and "deception". As a rule, this term is used in relation to the sites.

What is Scam, and which sites fall under this definition? Based on the translation, it is already possible to guess that the scam sites are most often called “scams”. There are quite a few examples of such resources, as well as the victims of fraudsters who were not careful and used the services.

What is a scam? What sites are called scam?

What sites are called scam?

In most cases, this definition includes sites where it is proposed to invest money. Buying a paid account, renting referrals, joining a financial pyramid, which tricks do not come up with scammers to force an honest person to give them their money.

Among the scams that have already ceased to exist, there are a wide variety of projects, ranging from clique sponsors to online games . A few years ago, and I had to face the mailer, which was closed after a couple of months.

I did not use it, because I was alarmed that the user counter showed 5,000 users, and over 12,000 referrals were offered for rent. But not everyone is attentive to the information or their eyes are "easy money" that they never get.

What is a scam? What sites are called scam?

How to recognize a scam?

First of all , you need to be careful and visually assess the resource. At the moment, I am not aware of any quality system in which you can rent a large number of referrals and get more from the network than you invest. The conclusion suggests itself - there are no such systems, if you know at least one of them, be sure to leave the link in the comments.

Secondly, , only rarely do scammers use Webmoney to accept payments. According to the rules of this payment system, it is prohibited to enter financial pyramids via Webmoney. If the fact of fraud is detected, the attacker's wallet is quickly blocked, this is the main reason for refusing this currency.

Thirdly , do not trust systems that exist for a couple of months. Before you invest money somewhere, use search engines and read reviews. Even if some of the reviews were purchased, there are sure to be real ones, and by them you will determine that the service is not of high quality.

Conclusion: what is scam? This is a project that accepted payment for various purposes and did not fulfill the obligation to return. Unfortunately, every day such sites appear more often, so be careful.

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