What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

Hello, everyone! We start the main part of the marathon 2010. Let's start with a simple and very important part - the market and the niche.

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter


One of the biggest problems that people make when building a business on the Internet is a misunderstanding of how the Internet works. Linear schemes practiced in the ordinary market in the Internet market are not practical. Ignorance of the principles and laws of the market on the Internet clearly determines your success in business. We will understand everything in order.

On-line Market

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

When you first study and research the market, you will often meet people talking about different markets on the Internet. As a rule, people with similar interests are united in groups and communities. The interior of these groups and communities forms or exists its own style of presentation and language that is understandable only to members of such groups. Also in such groups has its own slang and expressions. Knowledge of such linguistic trivia will help you better choose key phrases and words for your niche.

Some examples

For clarity, here are a few examples. First - wedding, wedding events, wedding planning. For example, you plan to create your own business in this niche.

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

What questions should you ask yourself about this niche? What is it specific to? What are they talking about the most here? What excites people in this niche the most? What problems do they have to solve when preparing for a wedding? etc. For example, these may be topics about " future husband ", " expectant mothers ", " medicine and health ". And here is medicine? In the US, for example, it is customary to undergo a medical examination of those planning to enter into marriage. If someone is sick of something, it is important to know another. He must decide on the choice and acceptance of the illness of the future spouse juredically. Otherwise, the “healthy” side can sue the other for harm to health if the illness is already found after. For example, in the case of shelter for AIDS, the injured party can sue. The guilty can even go to prison.

As you can see, such important trivialities, knowledge of the features and delicate themes of this niche, will allow a more relevant approach to it.

The second example is the world-famous game WOW (World Of Warcraft).

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

How does this niche live? What do the players say? What do they discuss the most? What are the hot topics they have and lips? etc. I suppose that such concepts as Zerg , Protos , AOE , Squishy - specific and their meaning is understood only by the people of this community, the market.In this niche successes of military operations, clans, alliances are widely discussed, where it is better to find buy or sell, how best to develop characters, etc., tournaments are organized.


Each market has its own niches or subsections.

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

As shown in the picture, the wedding event market can be divided into a number of niches: wedding bouquets, wedding rings, wedding dresses, photo and video, banquet design, and more.

Micro niche

At this the fragmentation and choice of your business in a niche does not end there. There are also micro niches. What it is? This is a niche inside a niche. For example, take the “Wedding photos” niche.

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

Wedding photos are different: portraits, for albums, black / white, processed in different styles (classic, gothic, etc. e.). The question is, why do we need such a fragmentation in the choice? The answer is: the narrower the niche, the less competitors there are and the higher our chances of being first in the rating.

Your business can occupy all the niches of the wedding market. You have all the tools and conditions to meet the needs of each of the niches. Good. And what kind of competition in this market? How much will you need to promote chevy words and queries?

Choosing a micronish gives you a competitive advantage. Why? Judge for yourself. Is it convenient for a person to make orders from different specialists, if you can order everything from one? For example, he found your website from photographs, where you still mention your other services. Excellent. You get the idea? You can promote your “global” services through micronish.


What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

When Sarah sits at her computer to study the issue of wedding photos, she searches for " tips on wedding photos ". Google will list sites where Sarah can learn how to create great wedding photos.

When Karen sits down at her computer, her prices for wedding photos are interspersed. She drives in the query " prices for wedding photos ". And gets your list of sites.

The first thing to notice here is that Sarah and Karen are exploring the same market. But ... different niches. They use characteristic words and phrases inherent in every niche. It is clear that the number of people who are looking for information for these niches is different.For example, 217 people were looking for information on tips for photo photographs and only 5 people for prices.

How to increase traffic in a niche? Secret - keywords and phrases.

What is a niche? - Module 1. Day 1 - Profit Hunter

The main thing you need to remember and understand is each keyword or phrase is characterized by a certain number of people . This is a direct relationship. As you can see from the example, the request " wedding photography tips ” is more valuable and it gives more traffic. People are less interested in the price of photos.

What determines the success on the market?

1) from a niche, 2) from key words and phrases. Finding the right key phrases is like fighting for people's minds, trying to find out about what and how they think. This research should be done carefully. Even with a unique product, you will not be able to promote it if you do not select or create a niche for it and do not define the product of its words and phrases. You can sell everything.

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