What is a copywriting brief? Briefs - copywriting utility

Only after having received vast experience, many copywriters become professionals, because theoretical training is not able to illuminate absolutely all aspects of this activity.

Experienced copywriters have become accustomed to some points that appeared in their work gradually, while the newbies this is not yet known.

A great example of one of these moments is the brief. What is a copywriting brief? This is a free-form document that contains full information on what should be presented in the text being developed. Please note that this is not a TK, the brief is compiled by the author himself.

What is a copywriting brief? Briefs - copywriting utility

Briefs are needed to ensure that the result of the copywriter’s work coincides as much as possible with the customer’s expectations.

After the client explains the essence of the order, and perhaps even provides a technical task, you need to “get” as much useful data as possible from him, because the more information you will have, the easier it will be to write the text.

For example, let's look at what must necessarily be in the brief, which is compiled to develop the text about any company:

  • detailed information about the history of the company, the date of its creation, the development process , full name and much more;
  • mandatory description of the scope of activity with all the details;
  • all the advantages and disadvantages of the company;
  • description of competitors and presentation of their advantages;
  • full information about the target audience (as many criteria as possible);
  • at least some of the selling and advertising texts that were used previously.

What is a copywriting brief? Briefs - copywriting utility

On the basis of the information gathered in the brief, it will be much easier for the copywriter to create material. Perhaps you have a question, why should a customer use the services of an author at all if he will provide so much information? Having information and being able to present it correctly is completely different things, like driving a car or selling it.

Naturally, experienced copywriters receiving a large order, will definitely try to do the job qualitatively and make up a brief for this. Newbies should learn this, because if you do not prepare in advance for developing a text, it may not be of high quality.

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