What is a captcha? Secrets of captcha or why they pay for it?

Novice Internet users who want to make money often ask simple questions, including what a captcha is.

Many experienced workers on the network will find this question strange, because everyone has entered at least once when using the world wide web characters from pictures to check that actions are performed by a real person.

Captcha, its secrets, or why it is paid for - this is a topic for this post, in which we will consider this term and explain everything related to it. In addition, we will tell you how you can earn money by simply solving numbers and letters from pictures with the help of special services.

What is a captcha? Secrets of captcha or why they pay for it?

What is a captcha?

The main purpose of a captcha is to protect against bots. To perform various actions on websites, for example, writing comments, special programs are written. Criminals can take advantage of them and turn comments on the site into a real trash can, therefore, site owners install a check on bots.

Surely, when using Vkontakte, you had to enter a captcha, even with frequent likes, you have to do it. Almost all popular sites use this technology.

How to make money on captcha?

Many people who use programs and automate various processes do not want to enter a captcha and are willing to pay for it to other users. To make it easier to find employers and performers, such projects as Antigate were created.

What is a captcha? Secrets of captcha or why they pay for it?

Right now you can register with RuCaptcha and start typing characters from pictures, getting paid for each task.

When you enter your profile, go to the tab for earnings and press the "Start" button:

What is a captcha? Secrets of captcha or why they pay for it?

After that, a form for entering characters and a picture where they are presented:

What is a captcha? Secrets of captcha or why they pay for it?

Your task is simple, but you need to have time to complete it before the green scale is over. To quickly perform such tasks, type characters and press the Enter button. Captcha will appear one after another, and small amounts will instantly appear on the balance sheet.

Of course, such an activity cannot be called a lucrative job, because to earn 10 rubles you will have to enter 1000 captchas. On the other hand, nothing needs to be learned, and you can also train to type quickly.

Many newbies start earning money from such simple ways, and after some development they are already returning to these systems to order the services of performers. It is possible that the same path awaits you.

Another project to earn money on captcha, here are the best prices for solving a captcha. You write characters from pictures and get for 1000 pieces up to 1. 30 $. Bonuses are waiting for the most active workers every month (up to 25% of the earned amount), the bank is waiting for freeloaders who enter characters is not true. Tell your friends about the site, get 10% of their income.

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