What if the computer often freezes?

The lives of many people are closely connected with computer use, and regular readers of the Workion blog also work on the Internet.

Using computers, periodically you have to deal with various technical failures, including system hangs, which may appear constantly.

What should I do if my computer often freezes? The most important thing is not to rush to call service centers and not spend money, because you can solve this problem yourself.

First of all, you will need to determine the cause of the hangs and then take certain actions.

What if the computer often freezes?

Why does a computer freeze?

There are many different reasons why your system may start to hang constantly. Depending on this reason, troubleshooting needs to be done differently. Let's look at the most common causes for a computer to hang:

1. Not enough power.
A computer may become obsolete in a year, and new programs and games that you install on it have already been created for higher requirements. It is possible that it is high time for you to upgrade your equipment and thereby solve the problem with a hang.

Solution: buy new components for a computer, on or.

2. Overheat.
Periodically, you need to open and clean the computer from dust, but few people think about it until there are problems. When fans and radiators become clogged with dust, they can no longer cool the system well, and therefore it constantly freezes to cool.

Solution: disassemble the system unit (laptop) and gently clean everything from dust. You can check the temperature of the processor and video card using special programs and gadgets on Windows 7.

3. A lot of extra programs.
All users who do not monitor how many programs they have openly are doomed to slow work at the computer. No matter how powerful your computer is, you can load it to the limit. You may not even guess that there are currently 20 or 30 programs running in the background.

Solution: press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and go to the task manager to see which programs are currently running, go to the "Processes" tab:

What if the computer often freezes?

Here you can find out what exactly is loading the system and, if necessary, disable some processes.

4. Pirate software.
We all use programs downloaded from various sources, and especially if the official versions are only paid. Due to poor-quality software, various problems may appear, including computer hang.

You can also add about incompatibility issues here. For example, some programs may be incompatible with each other (two different anti-viruses) or with the operating system.

Solution: find all non-licensed software and, if possible, stop using it.

5. Viruses.
The most common problem is computer hang and slowdown. It is not at all difficult to pick up viruses, they constantly “move” on the Internet and penetrate the system of ordinary users in various ways. When the system is infected, anything can happen to the computer, starting with deleting files, ending with permanent freezes.

Solution: use a high-quality antivirus (Kaspersky), update the databases and scan all folders.

6. A lot of trash on the computer.
Garbage can be not only in the form of dust, but also in the form of information. Over time, the computer collects a huge amount of temporary data and saves them, because of which there are problems. This may be data on sites, all kinds of codes and even pictures. In the complex, they have a serious load on the system.

Solution: the easiest way to clean up your computer from unnecessary and obsolete data is to use the Ccleaner program.

7. Errors in Windows OS.
Again, different problems may appear when errors appear in the system files of the computer. Your fault in this may not be, the software is not perfect, especially if you do not have a licensed Windows.

Solution: if there is an installation disk, you can start the recovery procedure. If there is no disk or it does not help, only the OS reinstallation remains.

8. Breakdown of one of the components.
The technique is not eternal and it is possible that something began to work with interruptions on your computer. This may be a video card, processor, RAM or hard drive. There may be a breakdown associated with several components at once. Consider this reason as one of the last options, since you will have to buy new equipment.

Solution: to determine exactly what the problem is, it is most convenient to use the second computer and alternately connect separate parts to it.

9. Disk fragmentation.
Computer memory is conventionally divided into several sectors, but many users do not realize this. Because of the separation of data, various problems may appear, mostly - this is a slow computer operation, but it also happens that the system freezes periodically.

Solution: go to "My Computer", select a local disk and right-click on it. After that, go to the properties and go to the "Service" tab, where there is a button to start defragmentation.

If the computer often freezes, you need to try to determine the cause of such failures and use the solution from our article. It is necessary to contact the service centers only as a last resort, as most often, all problems can be solved by yourself, without overpaying for it any money.

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