What if I get a strike on YouTube?

The YouTube video hosting rules clearly regulate the actions of the authors of the videos and they become tougher every year.

Recently, they started blocking videos that used copyrighted music, which led to a big appearance strikes.

What is a YouTube strike? This is a complaint from the copyright owner, who found his content in the videos. It is not necessary for this to be an audio file. There are cases when complaints were filed for the use of parts of other people's videos or even for the fact that the author in the video read someone else's text.

What if I get a strike on YouTube?

Do not violate copyright, you won’t get a strike of

If it happens that someone complains about content from your channel , you will immediately receive an alert about this in the Email, and also you will see the information in the settings:

What if I get a strike on YouTube?

As you can see, due to one warning, the channel received a bad reputation. For this reason, monetization has been turned off, uploading videos longer than 15 minutes is no longer possible, and annotations with external links no longer work.

If you receive additional complaints, you can block your YouTube account, so you shouldn’t disregard it.

What should I do if I got a strike on YouTube?

Almost everyone who uses earnings on YouTube has encountered such complaints. Sometimes they come not even justified.

Complaints are accepted even without evidence, and then sit and prove that you have previously agreed with someone or this is your author's content.

If you had to deal with strikes on YouTube, there are 3 solutions to the problem:

  1. The easiest way is to remove the video or remove the author’s content from it who filed a complaint. The option is not the best, because each video is the fruit of your efforts, which attracts the audience and raises the total number of views.
  2. You can contact the copyright holder of the content with some kind of offer. Perhaps he will agree to reject the strike for a fee. The idea is good, but the authors often overestimate the real price.
  3. If you are sure that you did not violate any rules, you were slandered or you had an agreement with the person who sent the complaint, submit a counter application. Present all the evidence to explain to the video hosting administration that you did not break the rules.

In practice, cross-orders often lead to the removal of strikes. Most importantly, to explain everything correctly and, if possible, refer to the laws of the Russian Federation. If there was an agreement, provide correspondence with the person.

There is a lot of pirated content on the Internet, despite the fact that no one has canceled copyright. Specifically, on YouTube, they are trying to follow this; it’s only bad that complaints are often served from scratch, and it takes a long time to prove one’s case.

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