What hosting to choose for satellites? Hosting for sattelitov

The idea of ​​creating a quality website and making money with it for most users seems to be just perfect.

There is only a big “But” in order to launch a really interesting and good resource, you will have to make a good deal of it and make great efforts.

Or maybe it is worth going a different way to make money on websites? Develop a whole grid of small sites, and collect small amounts from them, generally exceeding the income from a single resource. This way of earning is used by many people, and in order to run the grid, you first need to find a suitable hosting.

What hosting to choose for satellites? Hosting for sattelitov

Hosting for sattelites

In forums for webmasters, people often wonder what hosting to choose for satellites. We analyzed as many different providers as possible to find the most suitable options and conditions.

I would like to highlight, which, therefore, has a good popularity. This stable hosting offers several tariff plans, and Standard is suitable for sattelites. By its terms, you will be able to add up to 30 sites and 3 GB. memory, for only 100 rubles per month (1020 p. per year).

In addition to this hosting provider, favorable conditions for satellite hosting are offered by other companies:

- for only $ 4 a month you can choose Three tariff and get hosting for 20 sites with a disk space of 5 GB

- for a monthly payment of $ 6, you can use the rate for 50 sites, and a memory capacity of 6 GB.

- this hosting is suitable if your satellites are voluminous, since for $ 6. 5 you can host up to 10 sites and take no more than 10 GB. of memory.

- if you are willing to pay a little more and you do not want to limit yourself, use this hosting. For 200 rubles a month, you will receive an unlimited tariff and will be able to place as many sites as you like, occupying any amount of memory.

- the cheapest option for satellites. For a rate with accommodation up to 10 sites and a disk space of 2 GB. Every month you will pay only 1. $ 9.

As you can see, many different tariff plans have been created for satellite hosting. Choose the right conditions for yourself and launch the resource grid. It is possible that with the same labor contributions to the development of a source of profit, you will get much more than if you created one site, and the risks will be reduced.

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