What does a web model need for high earnings?

Reviews of models who earn in video chat rooms are so different that it is not immediately clear whether it is worth spending your precious time on it. Someone talks about thousands of dollars earned, while others cannot even collect the minimum amount for withdrawal. However, statistics show that there is a lot of money in this niche.

How to make a lot of money on the webcam? It's simple, you need to carry out such broadcasts, so that the spectators were drooling and, as if spellbound, they sent tips or invited to the privates. Not all models manage to intrigue, attract attention and unleash, in this case, too, need some skills.

What does a web model need for high earnings?

How much do popular models earn?

Is it possible to make a lot of money on a webcam? Of course, otherwise no one would do it. And it is not necessary to have flawless external data. You can see the TOP of the week for yourself and look through the profiles of the participants. Ordinary girls are not professional models:

What does a web model need for high earnings?

Some of them manage to achieve real heights. It's one thing that the webcam site administration writes something like “Register and earn $ 200 a day,” quite another is real statistics. Every month, the Bongacams service determines the most successful models and represents the rating:

What does a web model need for high earnings?

In January 2017, in TOP 3 there were models that earned from 8500 to 13800 dollars . When transferring amounts to rubles, they look more impressive:

  • 1st place - 800,000 rubles
  • 2nd place - 493,000 rubles
  • 3rd place - 490,000 rubles

Half a million a month is quite good. By the way, exactly the same amount is received by our deputies in white salary. Here you have the difference, one sits in the State Duma, the other twists his booty in front of the camera, and earns the same. Although it is rather isolated cases, since the average income of the models is lower.

Camera, light, quality

The first thing that a model that wants to earn a lot to learn for itself is the quality of the picture, which is observed by the viewer. There will never be in the TOP of models, those who do not have a normal camera, lighting is not adjusted and the workplace is not equipped. Even on the background depends on the interest of the audience. Look at these two images:

What does a web model need for high earnings?

If you were a guy who decided to have fun and spend money on communicating with the web model, who would you pay money for? The answer is obvious. From 500 to several thousand models are constantly online, viewers have a choice, so don’t expect that you are lucky. Bad image quality spoils everything.

In order to make a lot of money on a webcam, you have to spend money first. Obligatory things are a camera, an expensive Internet provider (so that the speed is good), lighting (otherwise you will have to go online only under daylight) and room decoration. The design does not play a special role, the main thing is that everything looks aesthetically pleasing.

Ability to manage men

Each girl has a gift, they can manage men. Although this may be due to the weakness of the stronger sex. In part, transferring communication to a private room is a psychology. Demonstrating everything in a free chat, the girls themselves refuse to make big money, relying only on tips.

The right method to achieve the goal is to work differently than all. Why customers should pay for you? It is clear that you are so beautiful and there are no more such, but do you arrange original shows, know how to surprise and deliver visual pleasure? Namely for this man and go into the chat rooms.

You need to look at all 100, you can bribe toys (for example, a vibrator that responds to tokens) and change images. Of the gray crowd of models that receive the minimum wage of their labor, will have to stand out.

Foreign webcam is more developed, it appeared much earlier. Smart models go to foreign sites and monitor the actions of experimental models. Then use the techniques in their service. The same games with a call to pizza delivery men or broadcasts from libraries, all this is done to increase income.

Experience with a web model

Almost no one can earn big money on webcam sites. The reason is that many viewers have already chosen the "one" for themselves and constantly go to it in its broadcast. Simply put, you need to win at least some popularity and recruit your own fans.

What do you need to do for this? Go back to the previous paragraphs - surprise, entice, delight. In addition, the work must be taken seriously. Imagine that you have a small business. Again, back to the models on Bongakams. Their profiles even indicate working hours, which helps regular viewers to understand when the model will be online:

What does a web model need for high earnings?

Work hard, gain experience and constantly try something new.Over time, you will understand which actions, outfits, images, etc., are the most advantageous for you. In this regard, everyone has everything individually, someone gains popularity in the image of a vamp woman, someone acquires fans, as they use unusual toys.

Tips for making a lot of money on the webcam

When you see statistics on model revenue, girls rush to run their broadcasts faster, losing one moment. To receive decent money, you must first learn a lot.

We have collected the most important recommendations:

  1. You need to love work, go into the chat in a good mood. If this does not bring pleasure, then it is better not to try to become a model at all.
  2. Working as a web model belongs to the category of “Service”, so you need to learn to understand the client and give him what he wants.
  3. Distribute compliments, admire and admire customers in every way, especially if they turn on their camera.
  4. There are few customers, and there are many models - simple truth. Remind yourself of this more often, because the viewer is from you to another model in one click.
  5. Service and attempts to please, should not be confused with loss of self-esteem. There are boundaries for everything, you should not overstep yourself.
  6. Sometimes customers want too much, but you can’t say no, you need to move on to something else smoothly or just waste time.
  7. Carefully read the rules of webcam sites, do not break them. This also includes compliance with state laws.
  8. When you manage to catch a goldfish (a generous client), you need to give it maximum attention and set it apart from the rest.
  9. Start "your" jokes with separate members. So that later in the general chat you should laugh with them, and no one will understand what causes laughter.
  10. Come to the free chat more often and behave yourself more actively there. It is from them that the popularity increase begins and from there invitations come in private.
  11. You should not just do something and wait for the reaction of the client. It is better to periodically ask if he likes the spectacle.
  12. Do not take off your clothes until necessary. The longer you stay dressed, the further the intrigue becomes.
  13. Learn English, foreigners often want to see Russian beauties, they are generous, but maintaining dialogue is difficult because of the language barrier.

The experimental models are armed with a whole set of clever tricks. They understand that boring webcam broadcasts are too many and are trying to interest viewers in all sorts of tricks.

Another useful tip is to use quality services such as


Video chat really brings a lot of money, but not all. Here, as in any niche business - the strongest survive. Only the strength of the models lies in the ability to present themselves, correctly conduct dialogues and pull money out of the client’s pockets. Learn and practice, every girl has a chance to get into the TOP.

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