What do site visitors dislike? irritants on the site

When a new resource is created, each webmaster should first of all think about whether it is convenient for visitors to use his site.

In some cases, trying to bring in creativity, many make serious mistakes, which causes low attendance and bad behavioral factors.

What do site visitors dislike? There are a huge number of factors that can alienate your visitor and force him to close the tab with your resource. Do you want to have such a problem? Then we present you some of the most common "irritants" that are often found on sites.

What do site visitors dislike? irritants on the site

Why does a visitor hate a website developer?

  1. Recently, website design has gained immense popularity without navigation. Like this? The site simply does not have a menu, but instead added some icons, made an infinite scrolling of the page, etc. It is better not to experiment with this, the site menu should be required.
  2. The site should not be developed for a specific group of users. Today, many devices are used to access the Internet, but the project should be shared, and if you want to provide convenience to individual groups of visitors, create separate versions of the site.
  3. There are a huge number of unsuccessful examples of sites on which colors are illiterately chosen. The contrast of the site should be pleasant, and when, for example, blue letters are located on a black background, they simply cannot be read.
  4. Animated graphics have also become popular lately, but before using it, think about the consequences. The first minus of its use is the numerous dynamics that constantly distract. The second minus is the reduction of the site loading speed.
  5. Another reason why visitors may hate a website developer is the small print. When you find a quality resource with interesting content and you have to get close to the monitor to see the letters, it is terribly annoying.
  6. Many pop-up banners can also scare away visitors from the site. If the offers of subscription or participation in the competition are perceived, more or less normally, then non-thematic advertising and other stupid information can force you to leave the resource.
  7. It is terribly annoying when, after going to the site, the automatic playback of multimedia begins. Does the visitor want to watch the posted video or listen to the audio recording? Don't make him do it.
  8. The final reason for our list is the loading screen. Allegedly for the "chips", some webmasters set the original download pages, but they can also be perceived negatively, as many do not want to waste time waiting.

What do site visitors dislike? irritants on the site

Complete chaos on the site is observed when each of these points did not take into account the webmaster when designing the site. Agree, if you go to the site, watch the download screen, then the video will immediately play, you will not find the menu to go to the page you need, and even banners will appear, you will have enough reason to refuse to study the content.

Be sure to consider the convenience of visitors to the site and when making originality in the design, make sure that it does not become a reason for leaving the resource.

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