What customers are in infobusiness? 3 types of buyers

Managing infobusiness is a complex activity that requires certain knowledge from an entrepreneur.

The information business has some peculiarities, and only considering each of them can we count on successful development. In particular, it is necessary to remember that all clients are different and you need to find a certain approach to them.

In this article, we will look at 3 types of customers in the infobusiness that you are sure to meet. You want all customers to be satisfied, so you will need to immediately determine their type and then select the right approach.

What customers are in infobusiness? 3 types of buyers

  1. Independent. Your information products are acquired in order to learn something. Many people do not need additional services, after receiving the goods they prefer to independently understand everything. Such customers may negatively relate to additional mailings, as well as your requests with various offers. It is best to leave them alone and give them the opportunity to learn independently.
  2. In need of support. Most of the audience of your customers will refer to this type. They will learn on their own, as well as engage in the practical application of knowledge, but from time to time they will have questions, and you simply must answer them. With the expectation that there will be more such clients, many entrepreneurs create special projects and technical support for processing applications. You also need to think about it, because providing additional service to customers, you will gradually create a loyal customer base.
  3. "I paid, they will do everything for me" . There are also people who think that they don’t need to do anything, and if they pay for a course or book, they may require you to take action. For example, having bought a course on Internet earnings, they can only register with the specified system and not take any action. After a short period, they will write to you and say that the system does not work, and when asked if you did everything to achieve the desired result, they either lie or fall into a stupor. How to work with this type of clients? For them, a separate approach is needed, but the work for them is not needed, try to explain to them what is required of them, and translate them into the second type of buyers.

What customers are in infobusiness? 3 types of buyers

Competent work with customers is also very important, remember that an individual approach helps to attract buyers. Learn to identify the type of client and choose the right style of communication with them, it will at least show your interest in solving their problems.

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