What color to choose for the site, the color scheme of the site

When creating a website, every little thing must be taken into account, because the interest of visitors will depend on how well you implement the resource. The color scheme of the site is also an important element, the choice of which must be approached responsibly.

What color to choose for the site ? It is definitely impossible to answer, because much depends not only on the personal choice of the webmaster, but also on what topics the resource has been developed for. For example, for sites on women's themes, light red hues, such as pink, are more suitable.

What color to choose for the site, the color scheme of the site

The color gamut of the site

If we consider all shades, then each of them can be characterized by different purposes:

Beige, white and others "light" shades - suitable for almost any resource, regardless of its subject matter.

Gray is best suited for informational and social resources, being neutral.

Red indicates activity and increases the emotional response of users. Such a tone is optimally suitable for advertising , for entertainment resources and other projects related to something active, for example, for a site about extreme sports.

Orange color is quite often used when creating websites and "directs" visitors to active communication. Also, this color is ideal for children's sites. In addition to its properties, designers note the orange color as one of the most stylish and successful in the development of sites.

Yellow is also an excellent option when developing a site that you can use. The nuance is the fact that this color is too full, so it should be used in moderate quantities, for example, for individual design elements.

What color to choose for the site, the color scheme of the site

Blue color is also a good option for website design, but you need to use it in moderation. A design made entirely of blue is not an acceptable option; combine it with other tones, such as beige or white. This color is mainly used for educational, legal and financial sites.

Green color can be used to create a website design in a certain amount, as well as taking into account its shading. For example, dark green is ideal for sites on financial topics , because it is associated with money. Light green, optimally suited for websites on a wellness theme, also mixed with other colors to obtain an individual shade.

Violet, most suitable for sites on magical topics. Of particular interest to this color are women, children and people inclined to believe in mysticism.

Brown color symbolizes reliability and durability. In addition to sites related to this color (coffee, wood), it can be used to create a site about antiques and other old objects.

Choose the optimal color for your site is quite difficult, so you can combine several shades at the same time. In this case, you should again remember that not all colors are compatible.

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