What can I shoot for Youtube video?

There are more and more enthusiasts opening their YouTube channels, but not everyone is able to promote their site.

What motivates people to engage in video blogging? Everyone knows that the owners of popular channels earn decent money. And some want to achieve popularity or do it from personal interests.

Every newbie’s main question is what to make a YouTube video about? Users simply do not know how to attract attention and capture popularity.

In fact, there are many options, because there are different lucrative channels - someone makes game reviews, someone makes car reviews, some upload crashes or jokes, and so on.

What can I shoot for Youtube video?

What should I make a video about?

Now we’ll show you the best options for videos, and you can choose one of the views for your channel:

  1. Instructions - are in great demand and get a lot of views. The more useful the instructions and the larger the audience they are, the better. Video instructions are much more convenient than text materials, so you can use articles from the Internet to translate them into video format.
  2. Reviews and reviews is one of the most popular types of commercials. If you look at the list of popular channels, many of them will be browser channels. Becoming a surveyor is not so easy, for this you need to have access to certain items (cars, phones, cosmetics, etc.). In addition, you need to be well versed in the chosen field, otherwise your reviews will not be interesting.
  3. Vlog - this name comes from the word "Blog", which means "personal diary." In terms of video - this is a record from everyday life. This format is suitable for people with an active lifestyle. A great example is where Max from +100500 publishes videos on his travels.
  4. Stages - suitable for video bloggers who have a little understanding of acting. You can record as many interesting productions on any topic. As practice shows, such videos often become viral and quickly gaining popularity.
  5. Show - you can run your own entertainment program, where you will become the presenter. Again, there are many examples and quite often, the show is combined with other types of commercials. Not everyone will be able to conduct their own show, for this you need to be an original person.

These are the main types of videos from which you can start your channel.

Do not forget that there are many other ideas:

  • interviews;
  • cuts from other commercials;
  • videos contests;
  • news;
  • presentation videos;
  • video before and after.

This is just a small fraction of all sorts of ideas for a video blogger. Try to come up with an idea yourself and without hesitation implement it. Most often, success in this niche is achieved by chance, so try to launch different channels, one of them will definitely lead you to popularity.

Getting to YouTube is becoming increasingly difficult because of the high competition , so we advise all beginners to learn how to gain a lot of views and attract subscribers to the channel. Try and do not discard any ideas; the more attempts you make, the more chances you will have for success.

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