What are these short express trains and how to make them?

Betting is attractive primarily because with the help of bets you can get rich in a few moments.

It is interesting that many beginners do not prefer to use express trains, since their risks are too high. This is a mistake when summing up several predictions; it’s easier to win a good amount.

What is a short express? To understand this concept, you first need to know what a regular express is. This is a series of events, arranged in one bet.

The coefficients are summarized here, which is the main advantage. In an ordinary express train, as many events as you like, in a short one only 2, this is the main difference.

What are these short express trains and how to make them?

Short express trains - high profits, low risks

The most popular express bets on football. Betters select multiple events and open a total bet to increase the odds. Why are such groups attractive? Agree, if the bookmaker offers to bet on a team under 1. 14 coeff. obviously it has a huge chance of winning.

But do not rush to conclusions, because only 14% will come from the bet (in case of a win), which is an insignificant figure. Is it possible to increase it? Especially for you, we have chosen several games with odds 1. 14-1. 2 and added them to the express through:

What are these short express trains and how to make them?

The total coefficient is 2. 03, and the probability of winning remains the same. Why open 5 bets separately and win small amounts when you can open an express and get higher odds.

This is where the charm of express trains is, and short express trains differ only in the fact that they add 2 games:

What are these short express trains and how to make them?

As you can see, coefficients also increase here. If the bets were made separately, the victory would have brought 42% and 111% of the rate, but when events are combined, the net profit from the rate is 200% (coefficient 3). One conclusion can be drawn from this - express trains are not evil, but a real opportunity to increase the profitability of sports betting.

Tips for short express trains

When making bets of any kind, it is necessary to take different subtleties into account. It is impossible to win all the time, if you hope only at random. Short express, betting, extra bets, it does not matter what you like best.

To make a profit, you need to follow simple rules:

  • real professionals analyze each match individually, not a sport in general or a tournament;
  • statistics helps to build forecasts, but you need to use only up-to-date information, data is constantly changing;
  • when losing, you need to make overlapping bets with increased amounts;
  • short express trains consist of only two events, the risks are much lower;
  • it is better to include the main results in express trains (a draw and a victory for one of the teams);
  • it is desirable to choose the victory of obvious favorites and losses of obvious outsiders;
  • look for expert opinion on the Internet, a short express will help you to make a short forum;
  • remember that statistics are not the most important thing it is important to study the details of the selected match separately;
  • choose clear statistics, place a bet on a ladder, move in small steps or vice versa, when making large bets with high risks;
  • never bet on the entire amount of the bank, use no more than 10% of the capital for a single rate.

Short express trains should be considered, as additional bids . They have their advantages, but combining only 2 events, do not expect a serious increase in the coefficients. Therefore, such bets are more suitable for non-risky betters.

What are these short express trains and how to make them?

Use the catch-up system, gradually increasing the average betting volume by about 2 times.

Not everyone succeeds in successfully conducting most transactions, but this is because betting requires a professional approach. Try to bet on different sports, short express trains are suitable not only for football .

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