What are the main differences of affiliate programs?

The most popular way to make money on the Internet is through affiliate programs.

Professionals are cutting real cabbage in this area, and beginners wonder how they manage it. It is necessary to begin acquaintance with affiliates with a detailed study of the scheme of their work, it can be very different.

What is the difference between affiliate programs? It's easier to say what they look like - all affiliate programs offer to make money.

They work with different conditions, they offer completely different ways of earning money. It makes no sense to say that they also differ in design, as well as in profitability.

What are the main differences of affiliate programs?

Payment scheme - the main difference between affiliate programs

The article about what kind of affiliate programs are, presents their main types. Be sure to read it and understand the main difference between affiliate programs.

There are similar affiliate programs operating in the same field and constantly competing.

The best example of this is and. Both sites are aggregator affiliate programs, which added a lot of different offers. They connect users and choose what to advertise.

The choice is wide, and payments are received for:

  • installation of mobile applications;
  • registration;
  • purchase of goods;
  • making a deposit;
  • passing levels in the game;
  • watching a video;
  • a subscription.

There are other actions of attracted users for which partners receive rewards. For example, small awards are offered to partners whose links are used to install Amigo’s browser:

What are the main differences of affiliate programs?

Affiliate program aggregators are sufficient for substantial earnings, but there are high minimum amounts for withdrawal of and you have to provide a link to the source of traffic. If the site is not popular enough, it can be rejected.

Examples of various affiliate programs

You can divide affiliate programs by various factors. For example, on services for the sale of goods and projects for earnings, where there are referral systems. Under the scheme of accrual of money, they are very different.

Now we will consider several affiliate program groups, also differing in different moments:

  1. Affiliate programs of online casinos - they are created by the organizers of online gambling to attract new customers. Partners are often offered the choice of getting a fixed amount for an active player or a percentage of the system’s revenue.
  2. Affiliate programs with SMS - do not offer honest earnings, because through them are involved people who send paid SMS. In terms of earnings, it goes out well, but will your conscience allow you to do this?
  3. The best Forex brokers are all willing to share profits with partners who invite traders. Conditions are different everywhere, mostly income comes depending on market activity.
  4. Affiliate programs for social networks - suitable for those who invite people through their profiles and groups. Not everywhere social traffic is considered high-quality, so you need to monetize it correctly.

This is just a small selection of affiliate program groups, several thousand of them were created, and they are divided according to various parameters.

The payment scheme may not involve users at all. For example, a YouTube affiliate program pays money for ad transitions in commercials.

What are the main differences of affiliate programs?

I actively earn money on affiliate programs, and in the income statement, you can see which sites I use.

It is necessary to choose an affiliate program carefully, comparing different data and selecting the most attractive conditions. Not everywhere it is equally profitable to work, so you have to test different options, choosing the best.

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