What are people going for money? unusual ways to make money

Money - how much has been washed away in this word , because even a person's life may depend on these "pieces of paper".

We all have to work in order to receive wages, and without money in the modern world there is nowhere. But not everyone chooses a difficult way to amend their financial situation.

What do people go for money, crime, self-sacrifice, deception and much more. There are a lot of bizarre and ridiculous stories when people managed to achieve their goals in unusual ways.

In this article we will tell about these amazing stories, but we do not advise you to do so.

What are people going for money? unusual ways to make money

Unusual ways to make money

  1. Business in the chicken pox. Everyone knows that having a disease like chickenpox is best in childhood, since it causes serious complications in adults. The mother of several children, Wendy Verkit, came up with an original way to make money when her kids got sick with chickenpox.

    She created a group on Facebook, where she offered to buy candy and cotton pads with infected saliva, at a price of $ 50 per sample. There were a lot of customers, but soon she had to give up her business, as she distributed the pathogens by mail, and this is a violation of the law.

  2. Pseudo breast cancer. Arizona resident Jamie Lynn Toler dreamed about breast augmentation surgery, but she had enough money to do it. What do you think she went for the money? Jamie began to spread rumors among friends that she had discovered breast cancer and that she needed urgent surgery.

    Her easy deception later grew into the opening of a charitable foundation, due to which she collected the necessary amount. But she was seriously spoiled by plans when she was offered a free operation, which she refused and instead increased her breasts at another clinic. But her magnificent forms were not appreciated by the male representatives in the following year, since she was serving him in prison for fraud.

  3. Prison Hospital. James Veron did not try to get someone else's money, he needed urgent treatment, since in '59, he had unexpected financial difficulties and health problems.

    In order not to take loans and borrow money from his acquaintances, he decided to go to jail, while even calculating what he needed to do in order to be put in prison for 3 years (this is exactly what the treatment requires). After that, he went to the bank and demanded that the operator give him one dollar. The police arrested him, but instead of three years, James got only a year, because the court found the amount ridiculous and accused him not of robbing a bank, but of petty theft.

  4. Sale of unborn children. Many couples with serious illnesses do not have an opportunity to have children, but they are looking for those who agree to have a child for a fee. Serena Carol Matthews and Scott Thomas Smith decided to cash in on childless couples, who advertised in the newspaper that they were ready to give up parental rights immediately after birth.

    After accepting applications, they selected some of the most wealthy couples and received an advance from them. In order not to arouse suspicion, they found pregnancy tests with a positive result and created several copies of the developing fetus. When it was time for the birth, Serena and Scott tried to escape, but they were quickly found and put in jail for 27 months with compulsory compensation to the victims.

  5. Insurance for invented people. An interesting source of profit came up with two elderly women, one of whom worked in the morgue and the other at the donor blood collection point. They staged deaths of people by forging documents, and received insurance payments in their name.

    In this way, they managed to collect $ 315,000, but they did not have time to spend them, since insurance companies carried out checks and deception became obvious. As Jin and Fay (those same old women) later admitted, sometimes they even had to put a piece of beef in the coffin to the mannequin.

  6. Name exchanges for money. Americans often use ebay to post unusual ads. So in 2005, one American woman wrote that for an impressive payment she was ready to take on any name that the customer wished.

    The owner of a large casino Golden Palace Casino agreed to pay this woman if she changes her name to GoldenPalace. com. This is not an advertising site, since 2005, this is the name of a person, because she agreed. What is even more surprising, after a while a similar deal was made for $ 15,000, in which the parents named their child Golden Palace Casino.

What are people going for money? unusual ways to make money

Ridiculous, stupid, funny - call these stories as you wish, they are all truthful and prove that people are ready to do much for the sake of financial well-being . If you also know similar cases, share them in the comments.

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