What are newbie bloggers wrong? 5 mistakes novice bloggers

Daily new blogs appear on the network, only a few of which receive a decent development.

This is primarily due to the wrong actions of their developers. Creating blogs is easy, but newbies underestimate this process, and they also mistakenly believe that launching a site is the final step to success.

To achieve success in the field of blogging is not so easy, you have to work long and hard , and also learn a lot of subtleties, so as not to leave any shortcomings. What are newbie bloggers wrong? There are some of the most popular factors that bloggers most often forget about when they open their projects.

What are newbie bloggers wrong? 5 mistakes novice bloggers

5 mistakes of novice bloggers

  1. The purpose of the site. The development of any project begins with setting a goal, and blogs are most often created for the purpose of making money. This is not a correct goal, as revenues from the project will not start immediately, but there will be nothing to motivate yourself.

    For a site to become profitable, it will take a long time to develop and fill it, and if there is a personal interest in this, then there is no need to look for motivation. Based on this, the goal of each blogger should be - the creation of a quality resource and its promotion.

  2. Site Topics. The next important point in which many newbies are mistaken is the selection of the theme of their project. After reading a few articles with Finstrip incomes, beginners have a desire to repeat the profit allocation scheme, and therefore they are developing websites of the same subject.

    This is a gross mistake, because competition in wide niches is serious and it will be difficult to develop the site without certain knowledge. In addition, if there is no knowledge of the selected subject, but there is no possibility to make high-quality articles for your site.

  3. Content for the site. Where newcomers don’t take articles for their project, they buy them on stock exchanges, rewriting and even use synonymizers. Yes, in some cases it is possible to get good material with these methods, but there would be a lot more sense from high-quality copywriting.

    Search engines take into account the relevance of the text, and users consider the "freshness" of the ideas of publications. It is necessary to take care of the selection of original ideas and the high uniqueness of the content.

  4. Frequency of publications. It would seem that it could be easier than to create a blog, buy a few dozen articles and passively make a profit. But in order for the project to gain popularity, and its attendance continued to increase, it is necessary to constantly add new materials.

    How many articles should I add? There is no maximum value, so spend as much effort on content development as possible to add new publications as often as possible.

  5. Content Optimization. Creating articles for people, you take the right step, but you need to remember that your materials are read by search robots.

    They do not read the content, but only pay attention to some points - keywords, availability of lists, footnotes, pictures, proper formatting, internal links and much more. Each material needs to be optimized correctly, and beginning bloggers often underestimate the impact of SEO.

What are newbie bloggers wrong? 5 mistakes novice bloggers

Avoid common mistakes that other blog owners make; improve your knowledge and the chances of promoting your blog and bypassing competitors will be much greater.

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