What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

Modern payment instruments on the Internet offer us a huge range of functions.

In any payment, you can transfer funds to another user’s account. This is quite convenient, but the QIWI payment system offers an additional way to send money.

What are kiwi eggs (vouchers)? This method is called differently, for example, QIWI Eggs.

In fact, these are ordinary vouchers, and if you explain in simple language, securities. First you buy them, and then transfer them to another person so that he can use the funds (transfer them to your balance).

What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

How to send kiwi eggs?

Make it easy, but you should have at least one ruble on your balance. Know the details of the recipient is not necessary. If there are no contacts yet, just buy a voucher.

To do this, go to your wallet and through the section " Translate " find QIWI vouchers:

What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

If you find it difficult to figure out, imagine that you buy a certificate and pay a certain amount, which the user then receives into his account. Translations such are simple, but they rarely come in handy.

After selecting a section with vouchers, this page will appear:

What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

Here you can proceed to the purchase, management or activation of the gift amount. First you need to click "Buy" to purchase a voucher .

After clicking on this button, another page appears, where you need to fill in some information:

What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

Please note that in the example the option " Send ", so there is an Email column. You can simply buy eggs QIWI and then through the management to see the activation codes. The recipient of the voucher will receive an email with a special code.

Be careful when entering the Email address, if you make a mistake, someone else can activate the gift amount. It is also worth noting that you can specify the mail even unregistered user. After registration, he will be able to activate the voucher.

After receiving a special code, the user must also go to the section with QIWI vouchers and click "Activate":

What are kiwi eggs and how to send them?

It remains only to enter the code and the money will appear on balance. If QIWI Eggs are not activated within 2 days, the money will be returned to the sender’s account.

It is also worth noting that no one gets any information about the second side. If a phone number is required for a normal translation, then everything is anonymous.

There is information on the Internet about making money on kiwi eggs, this is more a myth than a reality. The principle of deception is no different from magic wallets, so it is better not to even try to transfer the voucher, in the hope that you will return several times more money.

Eggs QIWI is just a necessary tool for the payment system, where the account number is the same as the phone number.

Transfer up to 15,000 rubles using this feature and remember that scammers often put up vouchers for some kind of tool to make money, although this is just a means for anonymous and convenient payments.

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