What are CPA, PPC, CTR and CPM and how to use them?

It is always difficult to navigate for a beginner in the field of Internet earnings, and all the information presented on blogs of the relevant subject is intended for those who have already tried or are working on the network.

You need to start by studying with terms in the field of Internet earnings and abbreviations.

What are CPA, PPC, CTR and CPM? On each site about earnings there are these abbreviations, but what do they mean? In this article, we will analyze each of these definitions and try to explain to a beginner as much as possible what it is and how it relates to remote work.

What are CPA, PPC, CTR and CPM and how to use them?

1. What is CPA?
This is one of the reward formats used in affiliate programs. It stands for Cost Per Action or pay per action . Many affiliate programs offer to make money, to attract customers, and in order to receive a reward, it is necessary that the user invited by you performs some action:

  • applied for a purchase;
  • passed registration;
  • paid for the order;
  • used the service;
  • downloaded the program.

Such partner reward systems are quite common, and the most popular aggregators where you can make money on it are ActionPay and Admitad.

2. What is PPC?
This is the second type of payment, in which partners receive pay per click advertising ( Pay Per Click ). Everything is much simpler here, it is enough to install advertising on your resource in order to receive a small amount of money for each visitor’s transition to the banner, context and other promotional materials.

In order to earn money using the PPC system, you need to create your website and then place ads on it from Google Adsense, YAN, Ginads,.

3. What is a CTR?
This is not a type of advertising, but an indicator of the click-through rate of an ad unit. Simply put, it shows how well promotional material works and how actively users click on it. Calculated as a percentage, for example, if there were 100 visitors and 7 people clicked on advertising, the CTR would be 7%.

As a rule, this indicator is low 1-3%, because not all users switch to advertising. On our site there are tips on how to increase the CTR of the banner, the information will be useful to anyone who wants to raise advertising revenue on their website.

4. What is CPM?
An interesting system of payment for advertising placed on the site. Not many services work on it, and site owners get paid for 1000 views of promotional material. The more the CTR becomes, the faster the reward for views increases.

Advmaker is one of the most popular ad networks operating on the CPM model.

It’s difficult to understand everything right away, so you need to gradually discover something new and keep reading interesting information. Only if you work on yourself will you be able to get a decent income on the Internet.

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