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Guest post from Sigurd. Few observations from the personal experience of this person.

When I first started working at adult, I preferred bourgeois affiliate programs. there was everything for webmasters, any promotional materials, free hosting, a lot of free content. It was a pleasure to work, the envelope also pleased me in general, and I did not understand why people work with our affiliates with gloomy support, in which there is also broken content. Everything was good until the first problems. One day, early in the morning, I climbed up to look at the sales statistics and was surprised to find that my account with a couple thousand dollars in my account was banned. To my surprise, there was no limit, I began to write to the support and it was ridiculous for me to say that I had suspicious sales, for which there were several returns. We talked for a very long time, but the support stood its ground, saying that you deceived us and you and not grandmother.

Then we turned to the public, started blowing trumpets in all major gourmet forums about how we were thrown by a well-known affiliate woman. And lo and behold, the owner of the affiliate company himself appeared, asked to contact him directly and after a brief discussion, we agreed that our account would be closed, but the money would be paid to our penny. I remember how many nerves then we spent on these showdowns. Then I realized the advantage of our affiliate programs: you can always agree with them ...

Despite this, in real life we ‚Äč‚Äčincreasingly notice that even in very expensive stores, service in Russia and in Europe is radically different from each other, take any brand, try to go to the Louis Vuitton store in St. Petersburg and in Helsinki and you will immediately feel the difference. Gloomy guards, who believe that you came to steal into this shop, boorish staff, all this distinguishes our stores for rich people, what can we say about all the others. Despite this, services that provide a level of service no worse than European, with Russian personnel who understand the Russian mentality, are increasingly beginning to appear. The same thing happens online, in the same adalte, those affiliate programs that survived and developed are difficult to distinguish from bourgeois counterparts, while there is a sane support service who will always meet and solve any problem.

Similar to domains, the same ruler-domains. com with a convenient admin, where there is nothing superfluous, the necessary methods of replenishment and Russian support In this case, you essentially get an American registrar with a Russian support.

As a result, after 7 years of work on the Internet, I still realized that the perfect combination of any service is Russian support, European quality of service and Russian problem solving. You can find this in any direction, but you will have to try, as our gouging or bourgeois-paranoid are more common.

So, good luck!

And I would like to promote one useful article, which will be primarily useful for Ukrainians about the withdrawal of webmoney. It is always interesting when there are options.

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