“Well, I don’t know what to write about in a blog and a free report. I DON'T KNOW !!!” - Profit Hunter

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“Well, I don’t know what to write about in a blog and a free report. I DON'T KNOW !!!” - Profit Hunter Back to the Spring Marathon (special thanks for his announcement today sent to the author of the blog Rus. VirusIdea. Com). Remember, I told you that in order to attract subscribers, you need to write a bonus report on the topic? Surely many were puzzled by the question: “Yopt, and what should I write there, if I know the topic a little, and are friends with English every other time?”

Do not think that my situation is much better than yours. At school I had big problems with writing essays: I sat for a long time, drew something in a draft, poked my nose, hovered in the clouds and it was only after all this that he gathered his courage and, in about 20 minutes, gave out a “masterpiece” in one fell swoop. So, so that you don’t think about anything and guess, I give a list of resources, where you will find everything and a little more on your topic (unless, of course, your topic is commercially oriented and the target has interest. audience). Yes, and for blog posts it will come in handy ...

There are a lot of resources and, in essence, they fall under different categories of sites (online encyclopedias, questionnaires, respondents, information catalogs, etc.), so I won’t even somehow classify them, just give a small description of each of them. If you wish, you can familiarize yourself with the complete list here, but I selected only those resources that I found useful in the context of our activities with you.

  • InfoPlease. There is an almanac, an atlas, an encyclopedia, a dictionary, a thesaurus and many, many useful academic information on all sorts of topics.
  • Fact Monster. Branching InfoPlease for children. Although the vast majority of you are no longer children, this resource will help find answers to many questions in the field of mathematics, science, history and sports.
  • About. com. A bunch of articles on various topics. In addition to articles, there are also links to useful resources.
  • Refdesk. com. When I got to this site, I was a little confused - I had not seen so many links and search windows on one page 🙂 I am sure that if you master this resource, it will give you a lot of valuable information.
  • Answers. com. The resource provides access to articles and news from sites from across the network. In addition, there is a very interesting wiki subdomain. answers. com. I advise you to visit.
  • ibiblio. org. Many public domain materials. Maps, books, images and more.
  • Scholarpedia. The same Wikipedia (which, by the way, you can also use as a source of content), but with one very important difference: all articles, before being published, are tested by experts, therefore, this information is much more trustworthy. more.
  • WikiHow. An analogue of Wikipedia for various how-to instructions and manuals. Here you can search for niches for future projects.
  • eHow. Similarity WikiHow.
  • Instructables. The same WikiHow, only with pictures and videos.
  • Encyclopedia. com. A storehouse of encyclopedic knowledge. Looks for information on resources such as Oxford University Press, Britannica, and Columbia Encyclopedia.
  • HowStuffWorks. If you want to know how your toaster works, or how atomic energy is extracted, go here.
  • IMDB. All about the movie.
  • AllMusic. All about music and music bands.
  • Yahoo! Answers. (Does not need representation.)
  • AllExperts. This is also a question-and-answer site, but here experts answer the questions from the audience.
  • wiseGEEK, AnswerBag, Microsoft Live QnA, Yadda, Wondir, Askville are all sites where visitors ask questions and give answers to them.

I hope, as an addition to the resources that I mentioned earlier, this will be enough for you.

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