Welcomepartners - earnings on passion

The sphere of gambling, which has gradually been transferred to the Internet, continues to grow rapidly and with each passing day more and more large sums of money “spin” in it.

The niche is very profitable, so those who earn on the network should think about using it. The best option is to attract gaming traffic to affiliate programs.

But far from all systems, you can achieve good revenue and high traffic conversions. - the best gambling affiliate program through which you can merge traffic to several popular projects at once.

Despite the fact that Welcomepartners appeared in 2013, the affiliate program managed to prove its superiority over similar systems.

Welcomepartners - earnings on passion

Where can I get gaming traffic?

Now you don’t have such a question. A huge number of positive aspects of this affiliate program should impress you:

  • up to 60% of player deposits or up to $ 150 for an active player;
  • several gaming sites for draining traffic;
  • a wide range of quality promotional materials;
  • detailed statistics;
  • an individual approach for “large” partners;
  • weekly payments;
  • minimum salary $ 2;
  • referrals are fixed forever;
  • pure white reputation.

All you need to do to connect to this affiliate program is to go through a 10 second registration. After that, promotional materials will be available to you, from which you can choose the most appropriate information format:

  • slot machines embedded on the site;
  • mass of various banners;
  • Regular affiliate link with a landing page (one-page site).

In addition, the administration offers to place orders for the development of individual promotional materials. If you show activity, banners, teasers and even write special texts will be custom-made for you.

As we already said, in the Welcomepartners affiliate program you can use several projects at once to convert traffic , the most popular ones are:

  • CrystalCasino
  • Icecasino
  • Club-Vulkan
  • LavaSlots
  • GMS Deluxe
  • 777Planet

Separate partnership conditions are established for each site , and also on them players receive different conditions. You can choose the best online casinos for visitors to their sites.

Welcomepartners - earnings on passion

How much can you earn?

It’s impossible to tell the exact amount, because each site has its own traffic, conversion level, subject matter, activity visitors and so on.

Whatever virtual casino you use to drain traffic, you are provided with from 40 to 60% of deductions from the income of the system . In other words, you will receive a portion of the amount spent by the player you have attracted.

Periodically in statistics there appear amounts with a minus, it means that the participant won and, like the casino, you incur some losses. Do not worry, the amount of profit will be many times more.

As for payment for each active player, the amounts here vary from 70 to 120 dollars. You can receive such terms of cooperation only after contacting the support service, as they are issued individually.

Player's activity is determined by the amount of his deposit previously negotiated (for example, $ 10).

Now there are a lot of registered webmasters in the Welcomepartners system, and the online casinos of this project are moving quite actively. Contribute your efforts to the promotion of their gaming sites, and you will be richly rewarded. Unlike many similar affiliate programs, here you will not look for reasons to refuse to pay.

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