Welcome, the future participants of the Autumn Marathon !!! - Profit Hunter

Congratulations to all who read this message now!

Today is a special day. This is the first day of the Autumn Marathon. More precisely, the first day of preparation for it. But the Marathon itself will begin very, very soon, so do not be lazy and start to warm up.

“What kind of competition is this?” - you ask. In short, this is the Russian equivalent of a free monthly course of basics (and not only) earnings from the Internet from Ed Dale. Who is Ed Dale, I will tell a little later.

The English version of the Autumn Marathon (originally the Thirty Day Challenge) took place in August and had a huge response in the e-commerce world. The number of participants was measured in tens of thousands of people. The traffic on the course organizers’s servers in August alone reached several tens of terabytes. In general, this project is one hundred unique event on the Internet.

Who are these people who organized such a party? Here they are:

Welcome, the future participants of the Autumn Marathon !!! - Profit HunterWelcome, the future participants of the Autumn Marathon !!! - Profit HunterWelcome, the future participants of the Autumn Marathon !!! - Profit HunterWelcome, the future participants of the Autumn Marathon !!! - Profit Hunter

So in order.

First from the left - Ed Dale . This is the face and voice of this course. Ed is a marketer with great experience (more than 6 years, it seems). He is the author of the Underachiever concept searching and capturing a narrow niche. He also specializes in trading sites. About a year ago he sold part of his niche sites for several million dead raccoons. Ed lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Next on the list is Dan Rhine . Responsible for technical support. He is known for arguing with friends last year that he could earn $ 15K in a month at an initial cost of $ 150. Dan lost a bet :) he didn’t have enough poltschi. For this, he had to pose in transparent pink panties (thongs) for shooting videos for YouTube. He is also the author of the Immediate Edge subscription. Lives in Manchester, UK.

The third photo shows Rob Somerville . He is the partner of Ed Dale and the head of the laboratory in Melbourne, where he and Ed are testing new tools, techniques and techniques. Resides, respectively, in Melbourne.

The blockhead on the last photo has nothing to do with creating the course. He only translates it into Russian. Yes it's me. Bogdan Glushak . All my achievements are focused so far only in the field of translation. If you're interested, you can see my translation “legacy.”

The goal of the marathon is to earn $ 10 in 30 days. If you do this, you will win. But it is so, for excitement. The real goal is to teach you to work in niche.

Well, it's time to introduce the course itself. What is the secret of its wild popularity? Of course, in the content. In unique and very high-quality video, audio and text content, in which experience and practices are passed above mentioned guys.

So, after taking this course, you will learn:

  • to effectively use the tools of modern Internet. no-entrepreneur;
  • to find promising niches;
  • to create content;
  • to quickly index the site in Google;
  • to test the market;
  • and much, much more ...

In what format will the Autumn Marathon take place? Every day of the Workout and Marathon will be presented as a message on this blog (text + explanatory illustrations).

Urgently I recommend that you not only read translated content, but also view the original. At a minimum, this is the practice of English, and at most, the opportunity to look at the Internet through the eyes of a successful Internet merchant. After all, what you see in my browser will be somewhat different from what you can see in Ed's browser. Do not think that I will keep back. Not. Just Ed uses the tools mentioned in the course for many months, and I have only a couple of weeks.

Now, a small digression for those who believe that the English and Russian Internet are two huge differences. I will not say that you are mistaken. In some ways, of course, you are right. However, the Autumn Marathon is precisely that good, that by participating in it, you will not only gain practical knowledge, but also become familiar with the theory and concepts that work everywhere, regardless of language and country. In any case, if you review the course material, you will definitely not lose anything.

As I said before, the Autumn Marathon is the Russian equivalent of the English Thirty Day Challenge. This is not an adaptation for Runet. However, this is an analogue, not a literal translation. At the end of each video dedicated to a particular technique, I will definitely pay attention to how this technique can be adapted to the Runet. If you help me with this, we will all benefit from it.

Yes, if you think that you do not have enough knowledge of English to work in the English sector of the network, you are surely mistaken. If you studied the language at school and did not lose the knowledge gained, and if the English sites do not look to you in Chinese alphabet, you will succeed. In any case, you will be able to develop the English direction as an addition to your main business in Runet.

Well, it seems that’s all. If something is not clear, write in the comments.

I wish you success!

p. with. I apologize in advance for the design of the blog. Unfortunately, I did not have time to poke around in the template. However, I will do this as soon as I have a free minute.

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