Webtransfer-finance - earnings instructions (scam)

The constant circulation of money on the Internet allows many people to invest their savings profitably.

Surely you already know that today many people take loans on the Internet, and pay them with interest. There are not so many services through which you can issue loans, so in this article we will talk about one of them.

Earnings on loans with Webtransfer-finance is a unique opportunity to invest your money at interest, without any risks. This project was created for those who urgently need money and those who are willing to give them a loan. At the same time, there are no intermediaries, and if you wish to reduce the risks, you can make deals with the involvement of the guarantor.

Webtransfer-finance - earnings instructions (scam)

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How does Webtransfer-finance work?

The scheme is extremely simple, you go to this site , you pass authorization through any social network and on the "Invest" tab, create an application for a loan. What amount you provide and at what percentage decide for yourself, but you need to remember that due to an overvalued interest rate, the client will be harder to find:

Webtransfer-finance - earnings instructions (scam)

This is the calculator you will watch on site, and with it you can quickly figure out what profit awaits you. As you can see, investing $ 50 under 1. 5%, after 10 days you will receive over $ 53. Few? But you do not need to do anything, and the risks are completely excluded.

Please note that there is a tick in the image opposite the inscription "Garant", which means that even if the loan recipient refuses to pay it, the system will guarantee replenishment of your account.

Webtransfer-finance - earnings instructions (scam)

How to make the first deposit?

To apply for a loan, you need to verify your profile. It is also necessary for you to withdraw the money you have earned. The verification procedure consists of several steps.

First, you will need to perform a mobile phone check, and then indicate all passport data, address and billing information - numbers of electronic wallets.

There are many options to choose from:

  • bank cards;
  • QIWI;
  • PayPal;
  • Webmoney;
  • Yandex. Money;
  • Perfect Money.

And many other payment systems, from which you can first replenish your account, and then order payments using the same details.

How to issue loans without investments?

From the time of registration, no deposit is required. New members are given $ 50 each so that they can familiarize themselves with the system. With this money you can make one or five transactions. But this is not the only way to start earning, without their own contributions. To withdraw this money is impossible, but they can be directed to the issuance of loans.

For example, you will create a proposal for a loan of $ 50 at 1% per day. Thus, after a month on your balance will be about $ 65 of which $ 15 (received from interest) becomes yours. It will be necessary to conduct several such transactions and collect $ 50 to order payment.

How to quickly get a big income?

While you collect a large amount for issuing loans - time is wasted. It is much more efficient to invest in the system $ 50 immediately and get a special loan on favorable terms. Credit for arbitration is a great opportunity to move to a high level of productivity. You will need to take a special loan and invest it in development:

Webtransfer-finance - earnings instructions (scam)

As you can see, the maximum loan size is $ 3000 , but for this you need to save $ 1000 on your balance sheet . You can get a loan of 3 times your balance. The system takes a small percentage of 0. 5%, but the funds cannot be withdrawn, they are intended for issuing loans.

Directly send money received from the system to issue loans for a period of for 27-29 days in order to have time to return the full amount and pay off the debt in a timely manner.

Earnings on referrals with Webtransfer-finance

The referral system here is 2-level with deductions of 50 and 15 percent. The amount is calculated from the net profit of invited people (the percentage of the paid loan). Users can be attracted by any means, including those from click sponsors Wmmail and Seosprint. And in the "Affiliate" you will find the necessary promotional materials.

Profit from referrals can be gradually increased, it all depends on how much you and your referrals will issue loans. When this figure exceeds the mark of $ 200,000 , you will start receiving 75% . At the same time, the administration will recalculate previous payments and will additionally pay you money on the new conditions.

Working with the Webtransfer-finance partner program is beneficial and promising. Increasing the percentage of deductions, you also get a chance to build your own business.

To do this, you will need to submit an application for obtaining the status of a regional representative.At this stage, you get the opportunity to open a real office in your city.

Among the expenses for opening an office, the project organizers set the salary of the manager (you) - $ 10,000. You will receive this money in addition to referral payments.

The Webtransfer-finance administration is ready to take on all the necessary expenses for you to open an office. The only requirement is that you will have to work under their brand, and use the sign with their logo. The prospect is great, but this will take a long time, so start small - building a wide referral network.

Nothing is easier than investing money at interest in issuing loans, especially since Webtransfer-finance provides protection against fraudsters. Even if you do not want to invest money, be sure to bookmark this system, because it may be useful for you to get virtual money on credit.

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