Website promotion doorway, is it worth using doorways?

The optimization is divided into three types - it is gray, white and black optimization. White is the natural or permitted methods of resource promotion, gray is the methods of promotion that can become black with active use, and black is the forbidden methods of optimization and promotion.

Website promotion by doorways is one of the black optimization methods that, despite the ban, is actively used. How Doorway - these are sites that are promoted by specific queries in search engines and lead to the leading positions. When a resource goes to high positions, it redirects to the main site.

Website promotion doorway, is it worth using doorways?

Should I use doorways?

In most cases, such traffic attraction schemes are used for non-quality sites. For example, doorway pages can be used to direct users to spacers. Naturally, the user notices that the information does not correspond with the used query in the search engine, so the probability that he will leave the resource is rather high.

A grid of doorways can be useful for fraudsters who create pages with attractive offers and cannot use search engines as a source of traffic. Not rarely there are cases when a redirect is set on them when hacking into sites, which is why you need to know how to choose a quality hosting service and also ensure the security and protection of the site.

As a rule, when using doorways, the JavaScript code is installed on the site, which redirects the visitor. If the user has a high Internet speed, he may not even notice that the redirection has been performed.

Website promotion doorway, is it worth using doorways?

Search engines have a very negative attitude towards this method of receiving traffic, so most types of redirect code are recognized very quickly and sites soon lose position in the issue.

Is it worth the cost of creating doorways? Of course not. Spending money on domains, promotion of doorway content, you simply lose money, for which you could also get a lot of traffic, for example, from ad networks or mailings.

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