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A little more than a month ago, I received a tempting offer from Lenar on soap.

There is an interesting proposal for conducting a joint transparent experiment with the WebEffector system.

Within 4 months we will replenish your balance in the WebEffector with 4000 rubles. per month, and you will be using the system to promote your website / sites. In exchange, I would like to cover the progress of the experiment on your profithunter blog. ru. That is, at the end of every 30 days, write in detail a post about how the promotion is going, what keys are promoted, what results for the month, etc.

Well. The first month has passed. For the test, one of the new customers was selected, a contract was concluded and significant work was done on internal optimization.

At this stage I would like to emphasize a few handy features that web-web offers.

  • This is an opportunity to order recommendations, as well as displaying errors of internal optimization near each request. For example, on one request I had:
    • Content: Few occurrences (recommended value 2)
    • Title: Less than 3 occurrences
    • Content: Uniqueness less than 75 %
  • Another very pleased opportunity to see all the snippets. It speeds up the work on internal optimization.
  • Well, the Webeffector is pretty good at picking recommended keywords.

More than sure that in a report in a month I will notice some more nice features of the system 🙂

After all this, I started to increase the reference weight. Then I decided not to buy perpetual links through the Webeffector, but I buy directly from Gogetlinks and Miralinks, as well as direct contact on the established webmaster base. But here, as for the rental of links, it is much more convenient to do this through an aggregator.

Below is a list of requests promoted through the Webeffector, link budget and positions after a month of promotion.

Keyword Budget Recommended Budget Positions now (I / G)
city of Kislovodsk sanatorium 50 50 5/13
resorts kmv 50 50 100/5
Kislovodsk health resorts 3000 55400 9/12
prices for Kislovodsk health resorts 50 50 11/16
Kislovodsk Central Military Sanatorium 200 200 6/9
Kislovodsk sanatorium prices 2011 50 50 8/7
sanatoriums in Kislovodsk prices 50 50 22/12
last minute vouchers to the sanatorium of Kislovodsk 50 50 4/11
sanatorium ray Kislovodsk official website 50 50 100/3
the best sanatoriums in Kislovodsk 200 200 17/15
sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs 41> 50 50 4/7

After the first month, it was possible to add a query to the “Kislovodsk sanatorium” to 9 in Yandex, which the last optimizer could not do. Almost all other requests a month ago were further than on the second page of issue. So while everything looks very positive.

P. S. In addition to this list of requests, work is underway on 32 requests. I decided to promote them in the old way, since this is still an experiment for me.

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