Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

If you decide to create your website to make money online, then initially you should think about how you will monetize it.

Based on the earnings method, you will be able to choose the right subject, and also highlight the main direction for the development of your project .

One of the best options for earnings on the site is to attract referrals. You can invite webmasters and workers in many different systems, and at the expense of their activity to receive a stable income.

It is worth noting that a huge number of experienced site owners, actively use this and have serious referral networks .

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

Referrals from sites

Naturally, you will need to develop a platform that will be of interest to people who will become your referrals.

Successful earnings on referrals - this is the most common reason why more and more websites make money on the Internet. Many users have already appreciated this opportunity and create several resources at once.

Pros of making money on referrals

  • you can attract people to several systems at once;
  • when you dial enough referrals, the profit will increase passively;
  • using systems with several levels of referrals, you can receive money not only from attracted users, but also from their referrals;
  • referral links do not need to be opened for search engines, therefore the link weight of the site does not increase;
  • in parallel with the maintenance of the site, you can use alternative methods of attracting;
  • profits will not be limited, p Web networks can be developed to any results.

Note, we are not talking about MLM and the pyramids, where investors are attracted. You can build referral networks in stable systems where people make money. Thus, it is not necessary to deceive anyone, and given the number of people willing to work in the network, it is not so difficult to search for people, the only difficulty is high competition.

Workion Blog. ru is monetized exclusively through referrals, so there is no advertising on it, we do not offer to buy products and so on. It is not difficult to create a website about earnings, but it is not easy to promote it, because the development of your referral networks will depend on attendance.

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

Where to attract referrals?

A huge number of various resources provide the opportunity to attract new members for rewards:

  • online games (My Lands,);
  • earnings sites on social networks (, Forumok, Prospero);
  • affiliate programs (ActionPay, Admitad,);
  • click sponsors (Wmmail, Seosprint,);
  • copywriting exchanges (Advego, Etxt, TextSale);
  • link exchanges (Gogetlinks,);
  • some freelance exchanges ( );
  • bookmakers (,.);
  • Forex brokers (, Alpari);
  • some site designers (, Wix,).

In addition to these systems, there are many other projects on which they pay for attracting new members or sharing profits from their activities (expenses, income). A website for making money on referrals is a great option to build passive sources of profit.

It is very important to focus not just on stories about systems, but to draw up detailed instructions for using them, share fresh news, present your achievements and so on. If your project will really help people find the services they need, the number of your referrals will be huge, and accordingly the profit will be impressive.

How easy is it to create your first site to attract referrals?

Newbies are most afraid to take the first step. They do not believe that they will succeed in creating a website at all. In fact, there are no serious difficulties in this, since free designers are available. The most popular of them is Ucoz, ideal for launching the first resource.

Sometimes it is chosen by professionals, because there are many advantages:

  • a wide choice of templates;
  • website creation in a few minutes;
  • widgets for adding different functions;
  • social network buttons;
  • simple and convenient interface;
  • promotion services;
  • useful paid services;
  • high security.

For 11 years, this designer has been helping people get their own websites. Starting a blog is easier than ever, and to make you understand how easy it is, we prepared a guideline from the basic steps:

  1. First you need to register in the constructor (it is easier when using social networks):
  2. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  3. In the second step of registration, the phone number is checked, make it necessary.Next you need to come up with the name of the site:
  4. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  5. After completing this step, send to the page to fill out a small form:
  6. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  7. Pay attention, at this stage the design is chosen, you don’t have to do anything yourself, you get a ready resource:
  8. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  9. In your head there should already be an idea of ​​what will be on the site. Therefore, in the next step, you need to select the appropriate modules (you can connect them at any time):
  10. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  11. The designers of the designer understand that they are most often used by beginners, so after the first entry into the panel administrator, suggest to switch to useful sections or to the main functions:
  12. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

  13. We will not talk about all the functions of the designer. The main thing is that any newcomer can easily post articles on the site. When you add a new page, the classic editor opens:
  14. Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

After spending a maximum of 10 minutes on all these manipulations, you’ve got a complete website. Now it can be edited and improved at its own discretion. There are many settings, experiment:

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

After completing the work on the site, users will not be logged into it yet. To get the first visitors, you need to fill the resource and promote it. It takes a lot of time and effort (sometimes money), do not start promotion until you finish the revision of the project.

How to fill the site for searching referrals?

Suppose you created the site, but it does not represent any value to visitors yet. It is necessary to fill it with quality content. There are two ways - to do it yourself or use the services of copywriters. The first option is better because you control the whole process, but it takes too much time to create texts.

If you do not want to wait long for the development of your site to earn money on referrals, look for start-up capital for buying content. Articles are sold on many copywriting exchanges, cost differently, much depends on the quality, volume and experience of the author. You can always find lucrative offers (if necessary, refine them):

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

This image contains articles cheaper than 100 rubles. There are many inexpensive texts on the stock exchange, but if you want high quality, it is better to use it. Website for attracting referrals need to be filled with articles about earnings in the network, they are also often put up for sale.

It is more convenient to cooperate with freelancers, and the article - where to find a copywriter, will help you find a good performer.

The second option for filling the site with information is engaging a copywriter. This option is better, since it will be possible to order texts of the desired subject, and put forward their own requirements. You can easily find the author on the stock exchange, you can see the portfolio and check out the reviews:

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

You can take on some of the work, at least to refine the materials. No one except you will do the job perfectly, plus you will need to set internal links (between the pages), add pictures, place tags, and so on.

How to promote your website to make money on referrals?

If you create a resource with Ucoz, then they have paid promotion services. Professionals will help set up advertising, use crowd marketing, contextual ads and conduct the necessary audit to identify the weaknesses of the site. It helps, but not cheap.

It’s more profitable to engage in promotion with your own hands. However, one cannot do without the baggage of knowledge. Inexperienced beginners often decide to get down to business on their own, make mistakes and practically bury their projects. In order not to repeat the mistakes of others, I suggest you a selection of useful articles:

  • how to promote a site without text content in search engines;
  • how to go ahead in Yandex;
  • competitor site analysis;
  • paid website promotion;
  • website monetization secrets;
  • infinite source of blog articles;
  • traffic sources and methods monetization.

The most important thing is not to hurry, because it is not possible to quickly promote a site. It is necessary to gradually gain a good reputation, build up a trust and develop. Try to make a project for people, the content should be interesting and useful, the design should not frighten off, and it’s better not to add advertising at all, since income will come from affiliate programs.

How much does a site bring in for referrals?

It’s not the first year I've been working on my blog and through it I attract referrals to various sites. There are so many of them that the total profit is simply unrealistic to calculate. One thing for sure is a profitable way. Previously, the main focus was on inviting artists to the Wmmail mailer. The work was not done in vain, the overall payoffs are amazing:

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

The books are interesting because they have multi-level affiliate programs.If it is possible to find active referrals, the team develops faster, and incomes grow, without personal effort. I would also like to share statistics on earnings from an affiliate program service cheat in social. networks:

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

Deductions here make up 15% (both from income and from expenses). Newbies like the site, it is easy to work, but the money is not so big, so I collected much less from the affiliate program. If you want to receive quickly and a lot of money, it is better to share the ref. links to games with the withdrawal of money. Almost in each of them give a percentage of the referral deposit, and people are actively investing in such projects.

This is what I managed to earn with one of these projects:

Website for earnings on referrals, where to attract referrals?

The screen was made from the game Golden Tea, it has 5 levels affiliate program. The conditions are quite favorable, and an unusual way of earning helps to interest referrals. To say or not to the players that without referrals on games, nothing can be inferred, everyone's business.

TOP 5 best sites for earning on referrals

Even if you do not already have a website, you can start recruiting teams in the best affiliate programs. I have experience in this form of earnings, based on the conditions and usefulness of resources, I would recommend inviting people to the following sites:

  1. - the game gives at least 7% of referrals. It has many different functions and attractive design, so it’s not difficult to find new players. If you are an active partner and each time qualify, the percentage rises (depending on the number of invitees).
  2. is a binary options broker affiliate program, through it you can receive 60% deductions for life. There are other fares, but this one is the most profitable. Users are invited to the site of Binomo, it offers favorable conditions and a convenient platform.
  3. - the same conditions are offered in this binary options affiliate program. You can receive payment for each registration of the active trader or 100% during the first month of trading. Provided promotional materials, instant payments.
  4. - affiliate program is suitable for working with adult traffic. First, you can attract viewers to erotic chat rooms and get 25% of their expenses. Secondly, partners pay 5% of their income. If you attract models, charge $ 5 for registration and $ 50, when they earn the same in chat rooms.
  5. is a useful service, it offers online loans. If you attract a client, get 800 rubles. Payments of 3000 rubles, held once a month. Without a site, collaboration is also allowed, for example, through social networks. There is also a cooperation option for offline businessmen.

In order for these services to bring maximum revenue, it is advisable to create some kind of traffic source. The site for inviting referrals is ideal, I actively use all partner programs.

It is really profitable to cooperate with binary options brokers. The Cleveraff affiliate program is another way to earn money from attracting customers.

The idea to create a website for making money on referrals is excellent, once I decided to use it myself. I do not regret at all that I chose this direction, when the networks on many sites develop, the profit comes passively and nothing needs to be done.

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