Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

Modern people have long been using mobile devices, and now they have become so multifunctional that they can partly replace a real wallet.

Users of electronic payment systems can download a special application to their phones and, if necessary, make transfers, accept them, pay services and more.

The Webmoney application for Android has appeared a long time ago, you can download it from. The developers made a really reliable program and thought out the interface.

It is easy to use the application, it opens up a lot of opportunities and helps active users of this payment system.

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

Download Webmoney for Android

If you cannot download a program through a popular application store, you can download it from. The advantages of electronic wallets can be enumerated indefinitely, and if you add them to your phone, the possibilities become many times greater.

Via Webmoney Keeper on Android, you can use the following tools:

  • monitor the balance and account movement;
  • transfer WebMoney to other wallets;
  • accept payments and confirm them;
  • send money from the wallet to the card;
  • pay for various services (for example, the Internet);
  • make online purchases from the phone;
  • share information with other customers.

All this has already become the reason for installing Webmoney Keeper on hundreds of thousands of phones and tablets. Applications developed for other operating systems, so everyone can download it to a mobile device.

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

Developers make great efforts to provide customers with really high-quality software. Now he has a high level of security and the application has all the necessary functions for managing a virtual account.

After downloading and authorization, you will see the following interface:

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

First, you will be prompted to tick off the items that you want to see in the main menu. Pulling the menu from the sidebar, you can go to any section, and also check your profile.

It is convenient that you can work with any wallets, for example, by exchanging international currencies online:

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

It takes a few seconds to make a transfer from one wallet to other. Here is the exchange rate and reserve exchanger. Just enter the amount to find out how much will be received on the second wallet.

The main section in the application is Finance. It is through him that you can conduct operations with your wallets, send money to other accounts, and so on.

Every day, more and more users load the Webmoney application into their phones. Developers are trying to add new features and make software even more convenient. Of the advantages, it is worth highlighting and the possibility of obtaining online loans from the correspondent :

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

Specify the person’s data, the amount, the repayment period and the frequency of return, and then send the application. Naturally, your friend, acquaintance or relative should confirm the application. Then in the Loans section, you can view the information, and there will be a button "Return All".

Payment for services from Webmoney to Android

Users of the mobile version of the wallet often go to the application to make a payment for services. If there is always money on WebMoney, then it is very convenient.

Being anywhere you can transfer funds to your mobile account, pay for Internet, television or even pay utilities:

Webmoney Keeper application - the future of electronic money

The number of companies that accept Webmoney money increases every day, which also increases the comfort received by customers. With this application, you definitely will not have problems, especially if you make money on the Internet.

We should also mention the possibility of obtaining a formal certificate through a mobile application (in the screenshot above you can see where you can download documents).

Absolutely everyone should start using the services of the Webmoney payment system, and in the presence of a modern mobile device, also download their application. All this makes life easier and helps to save time.

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