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Who has not heard of Webeffector. ru ? Briefly report Webeffector. ru is an optimizing assistant whose main task is to engage in search promotion of your project. Not everyone can afford to hire a personal and professional optimizer. Create search competitive inquiries, determine the budget for each of them, place anchors on the required donors, take into account the progress in a particular region and so on. What do you think, what price will the optimizer request for all such work? A couple of thousand ... that's just what currency?

Webeffector - budget reduces turnover - Profit Hunter

Webeffector. ru allows with minimum budgets to be selected in the TOP by the necessary requests, taking into account your needs . Manually calculate the budget, say, for the TOP-5 or TOP-1 is very difficult. I want to be in the TOP-1 always, right? It is necessary to analyze the issue of competitors on request, look at their semantics (and this is not a task for schoolchildren), and so on. Add to this the inaccuracies in the analysis, the time and the effort expended.

What the Webeffector provides for its customers. en?

Webeffector. ru - young service. Nevertheless, he is working on himself, expanding and improving the quality of the tools provided. All your changes and improvements are published in the news, which you can read in the personal account of the service. For example, from the latest news:

21. 06. 2010 Launch of regional promotion

"We are in a hurry to announce the launch of the long-awaited functionality - WebEffector now offers regional budgets and traffic estimates for the regions ! Now, for the full-scale search engine promotion in any region, both in Russia and in the CIS countries and Europe, WebEffector users have all the necessary: ​​

  • cost estimate by region (note: geone-dependent queries have a constant value in any region);
  • number of links to the site upon request in the specified region;
  • we rent positions for the region in Yandex and in regional search engines;
  • purchase mainly of links from local resources.

Do not forget to specify the correct region for the campaign, and most importantly, check that Yandex correctly assigned your region to the site. If the region for the site is not correctly defined by Yandex, you must correct it in the Yandex panel for effective promotion. Webmasters! ”

28. 06. 2010 The budget of the link - from 1 ruble. We tear low-cut tops with Effector!

"With numerous suggestions from users, we reduced the minimum budget for promotion to 1 ruble per month As practice has shown, buying only from working donors allows 1-3 links to promote low-frequency queries, which is especially important for online stores, content projects and brand SEO ”

01. 07 . 2010 Integration with the Yandex Webmaster Panel

"Add your site to the Yandex Webmaster Panel and do not provide access to the WebEffector system . You will receive important data on indexing links, and soon - analysis of technical problems, error indexing, advanced optimization recommendations and attendance analysis. We also plan to maximize the use of information about the visibility of the site, transitions and shows, to track the site indexation and potential errors that lead to negative consequences in searching for promotion. ”

Concerning the fact that Webeffector has potential and authority. This is partially visible from the reviews. For example, review by Mikhail Raitsin, expert analyst, Miralinks : "The WebEffector is not just a reference aggregator. It is a unique tool that combines the best methods of promotion in the SEO market, guaranteeing maximum return with a minimum costs. This is an ideal solution for small companies, freelancers or end customers. ”

I personally use Webeffector tools. My first budget was only 400 rubles. Initially, this was a test advancement and a test of the system’s capabilities. Promoted 2 their project SOMs. On the day on average, it was spent on a budget of 8-10 rubles. Several low-frequency queries confidently hung up in the TOP 10. That was my first goal. Therefore, I didn’t accelerate much. To date, some queries are already kept in TOP-1 The additional budget allows you to fix them in positions and feel at ease. And this is at that time when there were no tools in the system that are now there.

Who has not yet started working with the Webeffector system. ru , I recommend.

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