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Many probably already heard about the WebArtex project - the article exchange of the SeoPult advertising system. Some people probably tried to work with her. If successful, you can no longer read; if not really, or if in the past you were not satisfied with the functionality - I advise you to read this article: some interesting changes have recently occurred in the system.

More flexibility - more earnings

The main event of the last time was that in early October the exchange was integrated with the SeoPult automatic promotion system, which was not slow in affecting the number of applications for the articles - they became noticeable more. So far not at times, but noticeably, and in the future this number will only grow - do not forget that WebArtex came out of beta testing just a few months ago.

Approximately at the same time, the stock exchange seriously attended to increasing the flexibility of its cooperation with both optimizers and webmasters: now ordered articles are divided into types, and you can customize what types of articles you accept, depending on your preferences and site specifics .

There are five types in total: articles with anchor links, with non-anchor links, with links closed with the nofollow attribute, with picture links and SERM articles. Particular attention should be paid to the last two - for them the webmaster gets ten percent more. To customize the acceptance of applications for certain types, it is enough to set the appropriate flags in the list of their sites.

Cultural monetization

There are several reasons to cooperate with WebArtex, but one of the most important is to preserve the reputation of your own website. Agree, there is little that harms the appearance and image of the site in the perception of visitors, than "bare links" or teaser ads. And the articles, especially well-chosen focus, look quite organic.

And, not least, they pay very well:

WebArtex - new ways to make money for webmasters - Profit Hunter

As you can see, the amounts are more than interesting, and applications come regularly:

WebArtex - new ways to make money for webmasters - Profit Hunter

Indirectly, this also shows that you can make good money both with a large number of redemptions on a website of average quality, and with a small number of redemptions on a high-class website.

Readers note

With all these innovations, you can forget that the good old affiliate program has not disappeared - and the conditions are very attractive (each user of the system receives 25% of deductions from its earnings).

Actually, if you are engaged in reading, pay attention to the ongoing competition of refovodov - it will last until December fifteenth, so there is plenty of time to earn a jackpot (the prize fund, by the way, is 1500 $).

There are three prizes: for quantity (who will lead the most new users), for quality (who will have the largest salary) and audience award - to the one who takes up the task with the greatest wit and originality.

In other words, another reason to cooperate with the system and get down to business with enthusiasm.

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