We rest and make up for lost time. Charity - Kiva - Profit Hunter

Monday is a hard day πŸ™‚ Maybe it's good that the next day of the marathon fell just on Monday. Today we will rest. But let's not forget that we should get used to looking for articles every day, since we know that an article is gold! Creative search is an ongoing search.

Today's tasks:

  • View previous lessons
  • See how the 30-day marathon works with Kiva
  • Relax

Today's links:

  • Kiva 30-day marathon team - http: // www. kiva. org / team / thirtydaychallenge
  • The 30-day marathon shop at Kiva - http: // www. cafepress. com / 30DayChallenge
  • The loans page of the 30-day marathon at Kiva http: // www. kiva. org / lender / thirtydaychallenge
  • 30-day marathon and Kiva - http: // www. thirtydaychallenge. com / training / preseason / kiva. php

Today we focus our attention not on what brings you traffic or build a business in a niche, but let's talk about Karma, about good reputation. Where it affects our business and how it will help us. Consider the new information - Kiva. For our Russian-speaking brother, charity is a somewhat alien concept. We are not used to this and in our culture it has not yet taken root. But, for the bourgeoisie, this is a super opportunity to declare oneself, raise one’s reputation and get better support to our business.

For those who have not seen the Kiva video in the Pre-Season, Kiva is an organization that helps lenders, mostly from third world countries. It is sometimes impossible for the poor to take large loans. Therefore, there are organizations that provide such loans bypassing banks. And we also help this company every year. For detailed information, see the Pre-Season video, which details Kiva information and how it all works.

But today, we will talk about Kiva account, how much we earn, what we will do with the money and what impact the company has. Today, we loaned US $ 15.675, on average, each user donated US $ 159, returned more than US $ 9,500, which means that we can again lend this money. We have never heard of currency losses, loan defaults, defaults and the like, the percentage of overdue loans is 2. 47%, the default rate is 0%. Even in Kiva, this ratio is 1.39%, and we have 0%, which means that all loans have been returned. This is Karma! This is a reputation.

Our loan history

We rest and make up for lost time. Charity - Kiva - Profit Hunter

From US $ 15,000, we issued 409 loans, of which 24 were loans pending receipt of funds. Kiva allows a group of people to collect and give money for one loan. 6 people received loans, but have not yet begun to pay. 262 people in the process of payment. Terms of payments from 3 months to 3 years. And also we have 117 loans paid, which allows us to continue to use the money in circulation.

How to get to Kiva

We rest and make up for lost time. Charity - Kiva - Profit Hunter

There are 4 ways to become a member of Kiva:

  1. To participate in the annual auction of the 30-day marathon
  2. Purchase from the online store of the 30-day marathon
  3. Donations to the 30-day marathon. It can even be $ 1
  4. Join the team of the 30-day marathon

Kiva team of the 30-day marathon

We rest and make up for lost time. Charity - Kiva - Profit Hunter

Team Kiva is a group of Kiva account holders united by one goal. Our team:

http: // www. kiva. org / team / thirtydaychallenge

Anyone who already has an account with Kiva or wants to join should know that the money that you lend will go through the team of the 30-day marathon, and not through the account. You will have complete control of your money: on what loan you went, what entrepreneur received. If you have an account with Kiva, then you just need to follow the link and join our team.

We rest and make up for lost time. Charity - Kiva - Profit Hunter

If there is no account, then it is enough to register by filling out the form. And you can transfer money directly to Kiva and control their movement themselves.

PS. Who read the book "Ten Laws of Wealth", he knows that one law describes charity. Law briefly:

Law of charity. In ancient Russia, every child knew about one of the great sins, the refusal to give churches tithe is a tenth of income. Modern psychologists recommend not to forget this tradition. If you become a habit of sharing profits with the needy, a sense of abundance is imprinted in our subconscious, and it does not take long for charity. . Money i They are just a tool that brings pleasure to life.

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