We look at the site through the eyes of Central Asia, or how to reach out to visitors - Profit Hunter

You pay attention to how users on your site behave? By whom do you set it up: for yourself or your target audience? Do you consider her preferences? To bring the site to a higher level, you can raise it in search today by improving behavioral factors.

So why not take advantage of this innovation in search algorithms? You can endlessly complain that the purchased links stop working, but you can also invest strength and resources in improving usability. As a result, you will get an improved traffic conversion and its increase from the PS. User loyalty increases, the number of returnees grows, as does the number of subscribers / customers.

Here are some tips for evaluating user behavior.

Do the analysis with the help of analytics and statistics systems

If you still do not have the counter code I. Metrics and Google Analytics, be sure to put them. These are wonderful, and most importantly, free tools for analyzing user behavior. Let us dwell on Ya. Metric in this article.

We look at the site through the eyes of Central Asia, or how to reach out to visitors - Profit Hunter

The site path map is a tool that tells about the movement of visitors through the pages. You can see how they move around the site, from the source of the transition to the page from which they exit. I. Metric allows you to understand where the conversion chain ends, why the visitor does not reach the goal (subscribe, order, etc.). On the map, you can visually determine the behavior of people coming from various sources of traffic.

The click map displays information about where your audience most often clicks on the site. So you find out which links / buttons should be removed (or make them less noticeable), and which, on the contrary, should be accentuated. Often, users click on the pictures, trying to navigate to another page or zoom in on them. If the images are not clickable, but people click on them with the left mouse button, try to understand why they do it, and help them achieve the goal. So you improve the behavioral factors.

We look at the site through the eyes of Central Asia, or how to reach out to visitors - Profit Hunter

The web viewer shows in real time the actions of each visitor. Previously, the technology was paid, but Yandex bought it, and today any webmaster can use the tool for free.

It should be understood that you should not look at the actions of each user. It is best to divide visitors into portrait groups that you want to explore. Then you need to try to understand how certain groups behave on the site and why. After that, you can view the records of the webmaster to confirm the earlier assumptions.

Analyze the site using AskUsers

We look at the site through the eyes of Central Asia, or how to reach out to visitors - Profit Hunter

AskUsers. ru is a service in which there are those who need a qualitative analysis of the site from the point of view of users, and those who want to make money by answering questions. From an audit point of view, the service is useful because you get an opinion about your site from ordinary people who are interested in one or another topic. That is, the resource is estimated by the representatives of your Central Asia, and not the usability specialists, who do not belong to the target group of users.

AskUsers is a paid service, but the investment pays off if you use the recommendations of the target group of users. Let's see how to work with him.

  • Prepare a list of questions. You can use the ready-made list or come up with your own questions. For example, you can give any task (to register or find any product, and then describe what difficulties arose, how long it took).
  • Select the category of people who will answer the questions. There is a division by age, specialty, gender and other social categories. The task is performed a couple of days, and in the end you get the results of the survey in the file. It is also interesting that the service has a technology similar to Yandex Webvisor: you can see what the person did when performing your task, what pages looked like, how he typed the answer on the keyboard.

Do your visitors find information of interest?

To answer this question, you can make a dialog box on the site and open it when you really need it. If you show it to each user, it can reduce behavioral factors. However, if you configure the appearance of the window only in specific cases, it will help you to better understand the requests of the target audience. For example, if a person came to the site, looked at it and did nothing, then when you close the page you can ask him if he found what he was looking for. If in the dialog box, he clicks the "no" button, in front of him opens a feedback form with a suggestion to add your contacts and ask a question.

Ask for an in-person meeting with your regular customers

If you already have a good customer base that thanks you for the services / products you provide, you can ask her to analyze your website.You can meet with your loyal Central Asia live and ask to perform any task (as in AskUsers) on the site. Face-to-face meeting can be replaced by Skype communication with a screen showing in the process of completing the task. A person can comment on his actions online, telling what he likes on the site, and what seemed uncomfortable.

Post a survey on the site

As a rule, people willingly tick off if there is a poll on the site. They are interested in how others have answered this or that question. They make a click and express their opinion to see what the other survey participants said. In addition, if the target audience clicks, then it is usually interested in having its opinion taken into account.

Ask your followers

Do you have an e-mail list? If so, you can also use it to poll Central Asia. It may be worth giving people some kind of discount or other encouragement for a true review of the usability of your site.
What conclusion can be drawn from what was written above? If you want to like search engine algorithms, please like your audience first. Get in touch with her, taking into account not your expectations, not the opinion of experts in audit and design, but the preferences of the people concerned.

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