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We convert any traffic! - Profit Hunter * Advertising post

If you still have not found a use for your traffic, I would like to recommend you an excellent anti-spyware affiliate program, which recently started to pay webmasters at $ 30 per sale one of her products. Considering that SoftwareProfit products are localized in 10 languages ​​of the world, an affiliate program allows you to convert traffic from more than a hundred countries of the world. The only restriction is that payment for software is accepted only in US dollars.

The optimization department is constantly working to improve the products, promos and billing permeability, which allows increasing the traffic envelope and, therefore, partners' profits. SoftwareProfit has been successfully operating in the market for more than 5 years and is the largest affiliate program in the anti-spike niche.

The company does not limit the partners in the methods of attracting traffic (except, of course, postal spam) and provides a wide range of tools for promoting software products, including detailed statistics on sites and the generator of partner links.

Sites from all over the globe are accepted for participation in the affiliate program. The globalization of the affiliate program also contributes to the company's payment policy: you can withdraw earned money in six different ways : via Bank Wire Transfer, ePassport, WebMoney, Fethard, PayPal and Western Union.

To check whether the affiliate program is as good as I have it, register in it and test the products on your websites. The final profit is the most reliable indicator of the effectiveness of such programs 🙂

Successful sales!

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