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The financial activities of freelancers, webmasters, arbitragers, online casino players, investors and other categories of people are becoming increasingly state-controlled. For this reason, many decide to go "into the shadows" and withdraw money from electronic wallets unofficially.

The fact is that the tax inspectorate receives information about a nominal bank account if a one-time transfer of funds exceeds 600 thousand rubles from a payment system like WebMoney, Yandex. Money, etc. In addition, if the same amount comes in parts within a month, then the data is also transferred to the inspection. If you are interested in your banking financial operations, then data on transfers from electronic payment systems for the last 3 years will be transferred to law enforcement agencies. In the Russian Federation, bank secrecy has already been canceled, and if earlier banks could refuse to transfer account information to state agencies, now they are obligated to do so on request.

There are 2 ways out of the situation.

    1. Withdrawing legally through a bank card, having been registered as an individual entrepreneur, or declaring incomes at 13% as an individual.
    2. Withdrawing funds, bypassing banks, opening accounts offshore or making purchases over the Internet (which carries certain risks).

Next, let's talk about how to withdraw electronic money - WebMoney, Yandex. Money, Kiwi and Epayments through the banks and without their participation.

1. Ways to withdraw money and receive payments on Webmoney

Now the WebMoney payment system is going through hard times. Thus, in May, a method of direct, official withdrawal of money from a WMR wallet to attached cards, bank accounts, through bank transfers was covered.

Next, in August 2016, we decided to suspend transactions from wallets to accounts of legal entities. Here is what they wrote on the official page of the payment system in May 2016:

Ways to withdraw earnings freelancers and other Internet entrepreneurs - Profit Hunter

Obviously, Webmoney has crisis times, and how this will turn out for Russians - for now unknown Nevertheless, other ways of WebMoney withdrawal are available now, which will be discussed later.

• Mastercard from Megaphone.
For cash withdrawals, you can use a non-personal debit card. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is tied to an account that is opened by a Megafon mobile network subscriber. It is possible to issue and use it even without Russian citizenship. The uniqueness of the card is that the money on the SIM card account can be used for purchases on the Internet. She has no analogues yet. Note that the funds on it do not have insurance DIA, which is usually issued for bank deposits. That is, money on the card is considered electronic, and the risks here are the same as that of any electronic money. Megaphone card is serviced for free. To cash out money from the SIM card account - 2.5% of the withdrawal amount. You can transfer them to another card with a commission of 1.99%. Plus the commission of the WebMoney system is 0.8%. Top up your SIM card balance via WebMoney with Telepay - up to $ 100 a day and $ 1000 a month. You can replenish the bank card itself, as well as withdraw money and make money transfers for 100 thousand rubles per day in the amount if you are a citizen of the Russian Federation. If a foreigner - 60 thousand per day and 100 thousand per month. You can purchase goods in the amount of not more than 600 thousand.

Name, description of the method Commission To withdraw Limits
1. We withdraw Webmoney through an account linked to a SIM card
• Withdraw to the balance of the SIM card MTS.
We deposit money into the Sims account with the help of Telepay, after which we withdraw funds to any Russian bank. It is necessary for this to know the contract number.
The commission amounts to 2.3% of the withdrawn amount of funds from the MTS balance, plus 10 rubles. You can send money for withdrawal no more than 5 times per day. The limit for one transfer to the bank is up to 15 thousand rubles. That is, no more than 75,000 rubles per day.
2. WebMoney withdrawal to a bank account through the exchange
We transfer Russian rubles to our account using the https: // wire service. exchanger. ru /. The method is suitable for large amounts. Risk method, since exchange operations occur between anonymous users, and the responsibility for transfers lies with those who participate in the exchange.
This method involves transferring only to a bank account, which is not carried out immediately. In addition, it is necessary to indicate your TIN to complete transactions, that is, an exchange through the exchange will not work if you want to hide the fact of receiving money from the tax. Another limitation: you can not transfer only part of the transaction amount, as in wm. exchanger. Often amounts are inappropriate.
The average percentage for a transfer from WMR to rubles is 5-8%, but in some cases you can change it cheaper: about 3%. The limit is limited by the amount of the transaction.
3. Withdrawal to bank cards in dollars and euros.
• In Russian rubles through Telepei.
Through telepay. wmtransfer. com you can withdraw WebMoney on ruble cards without conversion from July 1, 2016. However, not all banks accept such payments. In addition, the security service of your bank may block the card. Successfully managed to transfer to "Tinkoff" and "Alfabank."
0. 8% of the withdrawn amount - WebMoney commission + 2.5% + 40 rubles for the withdrawal to the card from the Telepey service. No more than 35,000 WMZ per day;
Up to 650,000 WMZ per 30 days.
• In Russian rubles through the exchange.
Exchange WebMoney for money of card accounts between private individuals on the exchange cards. exchanger. ru. A more reliable way than in paragraph 2, but not instant. Transfer to the card is carried out automatically after payment of the application. If the transaction is not completed, the entire amount with the commission will be returned to the WebMoney account.
However, there is a risk of blocking the card, because the money comes in gradually, and many small transfers can alert the banking security system.
2% + 0.8% for transfer from WebMoney 90,000 WMR, certificate is not lower than the initial one.

A few words about accepting payments from customers. You can use the automatic service Web Merchant Interface or take money directly to your wallet. Commission for those who make the payment - 0.8%. Payment recipients it is not charged. For automatic payments, you can put a button or widget on the site.

2. Conclusion and acceptance of payments on Yandex. Money

With I. Money has no such problems as with WebMoney. This means that you can easily withdraw money from your wallets after you confirm your identity in the system. We describe several ways to withdraw.

You can order a card I. Money, which will be tied to your wallet. When shopping, money will be deducted directly from it. Shopping from the card - 0%
Cash withdrawal at ATMs - 3.5% + 15 p. , but not less than 100 p. 60000 rubles for a personal wallet. Cash withdrawal - up to 5000 R.
500000 rubles for an identified user.
Cash withdrawal - up to 250 000 R. You can make a transfer to any bank account, while specifying the BIC, the data on the recipient, the number of his bank account. 3% + 15 p. Once - up to 100,000 p. , per month - up to 6 million rubles. A convenient way to get cash is bank transfer. True, the client will be charged a commission. 3% of money. + Commission of the money transfer system itself. Depending on the money transfer system.

Name, description of the method Commission To withdraw Limits
1. Output to the map of the Yandex Money service
2. Conclusion to plastic cards Visa, Mastercard
There are more stringent restrictions here, plus, a fee is charged for withdrawing money on the card. If it is attached, then you can replenish the wallet without a commission, but the withdrawal will be paid in any case. For unbound cards: 3% + 15 r.
For wallet-bound cards: 3%
Max. 15,000 per day for registered wallets
Max. 75,000 per day for identified
3. Conclusion to the bank account
4. Conclusion by bank transfer Contact, Western Union, Idram, RONKO "RIB" t

Acceptance of payments to Yandex. Money is carried out without commission for the recipient using a special form. It is charged only to the person making the purchase from the Ya. Money purse, and is 0.5%. If the payer is calculated by credit card, the commission is taken from it in the amount of 2%. If he pays with mobile, then the payee has to pay, and the amount depends on the mobile operator (from 7% to 15%).

3. We accept payments and withdraw money from Qiwi wallet

The advantage of the Qiwi payment system is that transfers from wallet to wallet are made without commissions. However, as elsewhere, you need to pay for cash withdrawals, in a bank account or on a card. An exception is the Qiwi card, with which you can pay for goods and services without a fee.

The payment system has 267 partner banks with which it cooperates. You can also withdraw to the accounts of other banks. To withdraw, you must specify the account number. 1.6-2%, depending on the commission set by the bank, but not less than the amount he has appointed. So, in Alfa-Bank or Sberbank the minimum commission is 100 rubles. Only for citizens of the Russian Federation. One-time maximum payment - up to 15000 p. It is allowed to transfer no more than 600,000 rubles per week to 1 account / card / contract number. Possible transfer to cards Visa, Maestro, Master Card and PS Mir. RF: 2% + 50 r.
Other States: 2% + 100 p. In the Russian Federation - no more than 600 tons. per month. Foreign states - no more than 5 outputs per day, no more than 150 tons. P. in Week. You can get cash in the bank. The transfer speed varies from a few seconds to several banking days.
For a list of possible options, see here https: // qiwi. com / transfer / cash. action. 2% -2.5% + 50 - 100 rubles. depending on the method of money transferLimits depend on the type of transfer and the status of the wallet in the system.

Name, description of the method Commission To withdraw Limits
1. To the bank account
2. The QIWI
card of the Qiwi card is attached to the wallet and there is no commission for using it. 2% + 50 for withdrawing from the card
0% - for using the Qiwi card
Limits on wallets: 15, 60 or 600 thousand rubles can be held depending on the status their owner in the system.
Cash withdrawal -
5000 p. per day and 40 000 p. per month for the status of "Anonymous" and "Standard";
200 000 p. per month and not more than 200 000 p. for status "Maximum".
3. To other bank cards
4. With the help of money transfers

As for receiving payments, it is not free at Kiwi. Thus, for online stores (legal entities), the cost of processing payments is determined individually in the contract, depending on the type of services or goods, as well as on turnover. For individuals who use the "Personal Wallet", the commission is 3% of the amount credited to the account. Payers who transfer money in your favor do not pay any additional interest.

Payment acceptance options at Qiwi: withdrawal of money to the company's current account, statistics of received payments, manual invoicing, for a client - payment from an account of a mobile operator.

4. Withdrawing money and accepting payments to Epayments

Epayments is an electronic payment system in the UK that has one of the most comfortable ways to withdraw in respect of taxes: money does not go through banks in Russia, although the card and is named (it contains your name and surname, but it has no relation to the banks of the Russian Federation). In addition, their funds are insured in accordance with British law.

Other advantages:

  • Free transfers between accounts in the system;
  • Instant transfer of funds to WebMoney and plastic cards;
  • Creating a personalized MasterCard card in euro or USD;
  • Possibility of withdrawing money to your account, located in the offshore bank of Gibraltar.

Annual maintenance of the card costs $ 34. 95 (but it happens that the shares make it cheaper), one-time payment for registration - $ 9.

Name, description of the method Commission to withdraw Limits
From WebMoney to Epayments card 1% (minimum $ 5) Certificate WebMoney is not lower than formal plus, the size of the limits depends on whether your account is verified in Epayments.
Cash withdrawal from the Epayments card at ATMs $ 2.6 for each withdrawal, regardless of the amount withdrawn, + interest for conversion, if the currency of the ATM is different from the currency of the card. Card limits and tariffs: https: // www. epayments. com / ru / card_tariffs_eur. html
Wallet limits and tariffs: https: // www. epayments. com / ru / tariffs_usd. html

For accepting payments, you can set up a merchant from Epayments on the site. Incoming internal transfers are subject to a commission of 1%, and you can replenish the merchant service wallet from third-party plastic cards with a commission of 2.6%. Replenishment by bank transfer and cryptocurrency is free.

5. Acceptance of funds directly to your bank account in the Russian Federation

Instead of accepting payments to wallets in payment systems, it is possible to open an account in a bank and arrange payment for your customers from different e-wallets directly to it through any payment Gateway. Some gateways offer more than 130 payment methods, including e-money, online banking, and terminals.

Transfers to a bank account are suitable for small amounts, up to 600,000 rubles per calendar month, if you are not registered for tax purposes. According to unconfirmed data, a one-time transfer from electronic wallets of more than 600 thousand entails the transfer of information about you from the bank to the tax authorities. The same applies to multiple payments on this amount during the month.

6. Offshore account

A bank account in an offshore is opened in order to significantly reduce the amount of taxation (or reduce to zero) and save your capital if there are problems in your home country. In addition, an offshore account is sometimes opened in order to receive large interest on deposits. As a rule, in the offshore developing banks, which are still little known, need assets to issue loans and improve their reputation. To get these assets, they attract foreign investors with high interest on deposits. The only caveat is the lack of deposit insurance, which entails high risks.But there are vice versa fairly well-known banks in good jurisdiction with insurance of up to 100 thousand euros, as in the Baltic countries.

It is worth noting that since 2017, 51 states have covered a loophole with offshore accounts. The decision to cancel bank secrecy was taken on October 29, 2014 at the "Tax Conference 2014" in Germany and signed by several countries. Therefore, before opening an account offshore, find out if there is a bank secret in the target country.

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