Ways to visualize wealth, monetary energy

The desire to become rich can remain a dream if you do not take any action to achieve success. Psychologists say that a person who seeks to become wealthy , must necessarily tune in to cash flows. One of the main ways to customize is the visualization of cash.

There are 3 ways to visualize the wealth of that you can use at any time.

Ways to visualize wealth, monetary energy

Visualization of wealth

  1. The first method of visualization, called " Money Magnet ", is used by many people. Its essence lies in the fact that you have to imagine how you attract wealth. Imagine that you, like a magnet, attract money that clings to your body and gradually it becomes more and more. After a large amount of money is concentrated around you, imagine how you put all the bills in your wallet, so you can fix the visualized flow of money.
  2. The second option is to use the "Money Tree" method. To use this method, close your eyes and imagine that you are a tree. Previously, you need to stand up and spread your arms to feel the strain on the muscles. Representing yourself as a large tree, instead of leaves, you will need to imagine banknotes. Now, move a little so that several imaginary bills fall at your feet. Without leaving your imagination, imagine how you turned from a tree into a person who began to collect the fallen bills. Collecting bills in your imagination, be sure to put them in bundles and try to count them. At the very end, you again need to put them in your pocket or purse, to strengthen the effect.
  3. The latter method is called “Flying Money” and in a sense it is similar to the previous version. You will need to lie down on the bed, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a huge meadow, and there are trees around you. Instead of leaves, banknotes are fluttering in the trees, and they systematically fall on you. Every minute the wind increases, the sun becomes brighter, and more bills fall on you from above. Do not forget to collect all the fallen bills, count them and put them in a purse, bag or any other object that appears in your imagination.

Ways to visualize wealth, monetary energy

Many people believe in the existence of monetary energy , which can be attracted to oneself by performing certain actions. Visualization methods are precisely those actions that are able to attract money to you.

You should not think that having completed one of the visualization methods, you will immediately feel a surge of money. Psychological influence should be permanent, and if you spend at least once a day on visualization for 3-5 minutes, then in a month you will understand that you are doing this for good reason.

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