Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Earnings on the Internet, this is one of the most relevant topics that attract more and more attention of Internet users. Anyone can organize their work online, and at the same time it is not at all necessary to invent something or create a large website.

You can earn money using large sites, one of which is Youtube. Earnings from Youtube , this is one of the most popular types of earnings on the Internet, and it is worth noting that it is available to absolutely everyone .

Naturally, using popular video hosting as a source of profit will require you to take certain actions, which we will consider in this material.

I would just like to say that in order to organize earnings on Youtube, you will need to make your own video. The subject of information that will be presented in video format can be absolutely any, the most important thing is that your video should attract the attention of other users, since your profit will depend on the number of views.

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

How do you start earning money on YouTube?

The first step to making money with video hopping is to create a channel. If you already have an account with Google, then no extra action is required. If there is no profile, open a search engine and go to registration:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

You will need to fill out the form, if you plan to really make money on YouTube, then it is better to provide this information:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Google creates one account for all services (drive, documents, advertising, etc.). After filling out the form, go to YouTube and click "Login":

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

After logging in to YouTube, you already own the channel. To go to it, you need to click on the link in the left menu:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

When you enter your channel for the first time, they offer to indicate its name. Here, decide for yourself. No money is paid, and the added videos will be available to users from all over the world.

How to upload videos to YouTube?

Do not rush to add videos to the channel, they must be of high quality. First, you can download a video for an example, then it is easy to remove it. The video upload button is located in the upper right corner:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Remember the rules of YouTube, you can not download pornography, extremist materials and other prohibited information. Videos are added to the channel in one simple step. Just drag them to a special area or click on the arrow and find the video on your computer. Here you can immediately set the access parameters:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

After downloading the file, go to the video manager (in the main menu) to configure various parameters. Be sure to write the name, and better description. Specify the appropriate tags, try different settings, insert annotations, and so on:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Basically, that’s all, uploading a video to YouTube is a matter of 2 minutes , only You need to register at the video hosting. Similarly, add content and popular video bloggers. You can upload videos from mobile devices, but for this it is better to install a special application:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

The profile tab has a camera icon, when you click on it, videos downloaded to the phone open. You can also go to the "My Videos" section and click on the exact same icon there.

How to make a channel header on YouTube?

The beautiful design of the channel will begin to attract more attention from the audience. It is impossible to change the design of YouTube, it remains simple. But you can add a site header. To do this, go to your channel, hover the cursor on the cap, and then click on the pencil that appears to select a change in the design of the channel:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Images with a size of 2550 * 1440 and not more than 4 MB. In this case, only the central part will be displayed on the channel, the size of 1546 * 423. Therefore, you have to create images where the graphics are only in the center:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

If you don't know how to use Photoshop, look for templates in Yandex or contact the designers from the Weblancer exchange. Pre-invent your own idea or find something similar to make it easier to explain how you see the header of your channel.

How to promote a YouTube channel?

It makes no sense to think about making money on the YouTube channel, while nobody has subscribed to it and while the videos do not gain a lot of views. This is the most difficult part of the work of video bloggers, since the competition is high, and it is not so easy to surprise the viewers.

Paid advertising is a great option (through other video blogs), but it requires huge expenses.First of all, you need to figure out which videos are the most interesting, what catches your audience and how to add content correctly:

  • free promotion on YouTube on popular topics;
  • what users from YouTube want;
  • which videos collect a lot of views on YouTube;
  • tips on promoting YouTube;
  • YouTube playlists;
  • 9 rules for optimizing videos for YouTube.

Be sure to read all these articles, making money on YouTube is much more difficult to earn. Of course, there are exceptions when any video explodes the Internet, but for the most part video bloggers act competently, using any method to become a bit more popular.

How to make money on Youtube?

You can not only shoot video on cameras and phones, but also use special programs that will record your actions on the monitor screen. Using this functionality, you can create various instructions that are becoming increasingly popular on the net.

The popular Google Adsense advertising network allows you to present ads at various venues, including inside YouTube videos. From this we can conclude that in order to earn money on Youtube you will need to register with Adsense.

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Not all channels in the affiliate program are accepted. They must be at least slightly promoted and meet some requirements. The content of the videos must be copyright and must not violate the general rules of the site.

After spending a bit of time creating an account in Google Adsense, you can place ad units in each video you add, by ticking the box next to "Allow me to see ads next to my video."

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

To connect to a service that allows you to use video as an advertising platform, go to. After that, create your account on Youtube, using an account from Adsense.

Every click on an ad will make you a profit, try to earn real money by spending a little time and showing your ability to create videos. Each video blogger has YouTube statistics which show the total revenue of the channel and of individual videos:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

This example shows how one video brought the author almost $ 66. Notice how much the calculated income has changed by day. This shows how scattered profits are for those who run their channels.

White earnings on YouTube with direct advertisers

Official advertising on video hosting is not the only way to make money for bloggers. Advertisers are constantly turning to them to order references to their products, to promote something at the beginning or at the end of the video. This is the best option for making money for a video blogger, there are no commissions, the entire amount is paid immediately:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Usually, direct advertisers get in touch. Therefore, it is important to leave contact details. This can be done in the channel description, but most often groups are created for this business on social networks (the easiest option).

As for the prices, then everyone decides for himself how much to take money from advertisers. In most cases, the cost is negotiated individually, taking into account the requirements, subject of the goods and so on. For example, here's how much is advertising on the Samyy Klass channel:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

The channel has half a million fans, for example, if you have 5 times less subscribers, you can set prices in 5 times less. Although to build on the cost of advertising on one channel is stupid. It is better to first identify the main competitors and find out how much money they are taking from advertisers.

Earnings on YouTube via Blogun

Installed advertising on video hosting brings on average about a dollar for 1000 views. The option is not the most profitable, because with a well-promoted channel you can get much more by selling links.

Have you heard about this? Yes, you can sell links from descriptions. To add a site, you just need to log in:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

The system suggests adding different sites for placing links, including channels on YouTube. Many video bloggers have already done this:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

They take different money for the links under the video, everyone decides for himself how much to take from advertisers. You can add to the system only popular channels with good performance.

The requirements for such sites are as follows:

  • at least 10 downloaded videos;
  • at least 1000 views (cheat on);
  • at least 500 subscribers (you can screw on);
  • the channel was created at least six months ago.

These are the minimum requirements, and the better the performance, the more advertisers will contact you. Probably, the only minus of Blogun is a minimum salary of 1000 rubles and a commission for withdrawal of 15%.But money can be received on Webmoney wallets or ordered directly on a bank card.

Earnings on YouTube through affiliate programs

This method also involves the installation of links in the description, only without the involvement of advertisers. You need to find an affiliate program under the theme of your channel and convert traffic. For example, online stores of licensed games will fit channels about games.

In order not to search for any particular affiliate program, it is better to register in the aggregator. There are many offers available:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Here, each video blogger will find the right offer for sure. Sell ​​toys, earn on the installation of mobile applications, help sell all kinds of cream and get your percentage.

In some offers a fixed reward is set, here is an example:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

For the sale of a mirror with a DVR, a partner receives 1,300 rubles. The conditions are not bad, it remains only to figure out how to attract customers and to interest them with something. In this case, it all depends on how well you will advertise the product in order to achieve maximum profit.

Earnings Tips on YouTube

When newbies watch income statistics from promoted channels, they have a lot of questions. To competently develop your platform, you need to learn various tricks.

Want to make the channel popular and get maximum views? Then listen to these tips:

  • analyze competitors and use their techniques to promote your videos (for this, the Vidiq extension is useful for working with YouTube);
  • come up with interesting ideas for opening a channel ( 4 ideas for the YouTube channel;
  • Find start-up capital for an advertising campaign. Order channel ads from other video bloggers;
  • compose descriptions for each video and add optimized texts with keywords;
  • use social networks and forums to distribute your videos;
  • create Original video titles and add keywords to them;
  • Do not rush to monetize the site until your videos start typing several thousand views, it is meaningless;
  • Design your channel, make it attractive (and for easy navigation using live playlists on YouTube;
  • make efforts to optimize videos on YouTube (this helps to take a good position in the search);
  • learn how to create a splash screen for YouTube videos and install beautiful previews;
  • do not rush, the development of the channel is a serious thing, it takes a lot of time;
  • learn to surprise the audience, record videos that are worthy to get into the TOP.

These simple guidelines help make every video blogger on YouTube. You can only add that your activity always affects the performance. The more clips you upload, the better you advertise them, and the more interesting they are, the better.

How much can you earn on YouTube?

A difficult question, because some channels bring thousands of dollars to their owners, and some even cannot earn 100 rubles.

Profit depends on many factors, besides, everyone uses different ways of monetization. To make rough calculations, let's try to calculate the possible income from the YouTube affiliate program.

On average, channel owners get about $ 1 per 1000 views. The money is not big, but due to this indicator, it can be assumed how much the video blogger channels brought. For example, a well-known channel about science and technology was taken:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

The total number of views is 28. 3 million, we remove the last 3 digits (divide by 1000 views) and we get $ 28,300 . This channel has brought so much to its owner - 2. 2 million rubles. This is not much, given that the channel was created back in 2012, but the calculations are not accurate, this is an approximate figure.

It should also be borne in mind that this is profit only from the YouTube affiliate program. The owner of the channel could receive money from direct advertisers, through the sale of affiliate products or for the installation of links in the description. If you work hard, the income from the affiliate program will be only additional.

In many ways, the income from the channel depends on the popularity of the author. Read how to become a YouTube star and strive to conquer peaks.

Earnings on YouTube is a serious matter that easily turns into a full-fledged business. Opening your site on the most popular video hosting, you take a step in the right direction. If you manage to unleash the site, you will have decent incomes.

What determines the earnings on YouTube for 1000 views?

In general, it doesn’t matter how many times the audience watched the video, it’s important how many times they moved through the ads.It is not the views that are paid, but the clicks, which is why they are so often trying to cheat them. How much is one click? Its price depends on many factors, including the subject.

Experienced YouTube users have repeatedly told which topics it is better to shoot videos for monetization through the partner program :

  • cars;
  • real estate;
  • food;
  • toys;
  • gadgets;
  • travels;
  • business;
  • finances;
  • education;
  • fashion.

Adwords are ordered by different advertisers. If there is an increased demand for some topic, prices will rise (in auction mode). Therefore, when a serious topic is selected for a video, each click is valued at a higher price.

There are many other factors that influence advertising revenue. Even seasonality can reduce the profit of the video blogger in the summer if he has videos about winter sports (the simplest example).

Everybody wonders how much videobloggers get from their channels. Virtually none of the stars of YouTube does not publish this information. Do you know why? Because it is really big grandmother. The service collects data about the channels and shows the approximate income from them. The site is foreign, but you can see how much video bloggers from Russia earn:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

You can simply enter the name of the channel on the main page if you are interested in the income of a particular video blogger. After selecting Russia in the list of countries, the table opens:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

It shows how many subscribers have the channel and the total number of views of videos. If you open one of them, you can see the approximate income. For example, we chose the channel Big Russian Boss Show. He has 2 million subscribers:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Left monthly, right annual revenue. Translated into our money, for 30 days the channel brings from 350,000 to 5. 5 million, and the annual profit varies from 4. 2 million to 67 million rubles. In any case, the indicators are impressive. Do you want another example of earnings on YouTube? Let's look at the statistics of Dmitry Larin, who has almost as many subscribers:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Revenues are almost half as much, so here's the earnings spread on YouTube. With the same number of subscribers, the service calculated the revenue of the first channel is much higher, while Larin has more views.

Important points when making money from YouTube

There are a lot of subtleties in the work of video bloggers. Advanced users earn much more newbies. What is their secret? They use various tricks and know how to gain popularity. So that you can develop more effectively, listen to these recommendations:

  • you should share your videos with all available methods. Social networks, forums, comments on sites, insert videos wherever possible. Just do not spam, add videos, if they are related by topic and useful;
  • the channel should have some kind of platform. Most are limited to a group on social networks, but even better is to open a full-fledged website or create a blog. It’s also easy to do, let projects develop in parallel;
  • the video blogger must be active, upload a lot of videos, stick to the schedule and communicate with the target audience. Create a community of interest, and not just show videos;
  • it is better to monetize the channel in several ways at once, the main thing is not to overdo it with advertising. Also watch what is advertised by offering viewers scam, online casinos and other fraudulent projects, you can say goodbye to a good reputation;
  • activate the audience by holding contests. They should be thematic, and the prizes should be valuable. It’s better to have one winner for something big, then the hype rises, plus it attracts new subscribers (according to statistics, after the contest no more than 20% are unsubscribed, the rest continue to watch videos);
  • for a lot of money on advertising through YouTube partner program, themed channels are more suitable. Advertisers want to attract the target audience, they are not interested in “everything” platforms;
  • if someone ordered advertising from you, try to make it effective. Further cooperation depends on how successful sales and orders of services are. The same advertiser can pay for advertising in each video;
  • experienced YouTube users note that the cost per click increases with the age of the channel. When he gains weight, good reputation and stable viewers, the owner is paid even more money;
  • advertising bots on YouTube determine the target audience. For example, if they are insolvent schoolchildren, they will not pay much for a click. And if this person is older than 25 years old with a high income and high IQ, they will definitely be shown expensive advertising;
  • linking a channel to a local point greatly affects the prices for clicks. In all cities near Moscow, video bloggers are paid more.It's simple, there is much higher competition.

In any case, experience and making money with YouTube is not an exception. The theory is definitely worth studying, but it may not be useful without practice. You need to check different tricks, schemes and try to apply the advice of professionals.

Earnings on YouTube 2017 or how to make money on other people's videos?

Usually under such headlines they talk about all sorts of cuts and attempts to find videos on the network that are not yet uploaded to YouTube . All this passed stage, flooded with strikes and complain of copyright infringement, as a result, the channels are blocked. It is better to use another method.

It’s not necessary to record the video for the channel yourself. Do you know how many bloggers act? They buy articles on the copywriting exchanges and thus fill the sites. Why not apply this technique to YouTube? While these channels are few, but this is a great idea.

Finding freelancers who are ready to record videos is easy. On freelance exchanges, many have already begun to look for the authors of the video:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Look for artists on, this is the Top Exchange of Runet. You can search for authors through the forums, many will not refuse to work, especially if it is an unusual, interesting channel. The site has a huge number of offers and they all cost 500 rubles each:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

By paying for the creation of videos, you get the rights to post and publish the author's content. This is the best option to monetize the channel, with such videos you can easily connect the affiliate program and use any other methods of earnings on YouTube.

There is one nuance in this matter. Ask to record videos without a face or order each video from different people. Why? Because the promoted "actor" can easily leave the channel and then your work will go down the drain.

Think about everything well before investing money in a startup. Please note, for each video will have to pay generously, if you want it to be of high quality. You will also have to find trusted authors to avoid any unnecessary problems. As an option, try to attract your loved ones to the filling, it is more interesting to work together.

Earnings on watching YouTube videos

Own channel, popularity, big money - all this is good, but how hard it is to achieve. You can also make some extra money on watching videos, but the income is much lower here. At best, they pay 5 cents for one video. Although this is not so bad, 3 rubles per view, and videos can be opened in several tabs at once:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Video bloggers actively spin views, subscribers and likes. For this they use different services. Unfortunately, there have not yet appeared systems where they would pay for watching videos on YouTube, but there are projects with general instructions, where such orders often appear:

  • Wmmail;
  • Seosprint;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • Socpublic;
  • .

When you look for instructions on YouTube on websites, get to work not only with views. Subscriptions, thumbs up, dizlik, for all these actions pay a little money. It is better to make a separate account for work, so as not to spoil the main profile. The main thing to make it natural, so as not to look like a "dummy".

YouTube earnings reviews

With YouTube, millions of users have already tried to make money, someone managed to become popular, someone brought videos no more than a dollar. Each has its own story, and the earnings will definitely come in handy for the newcomer:

Ways to make money on Youtube for beginners and not only

Alexander - I have already created 4 channels, but not one of them has flooded. I don’t know what's the matter, maybe I just don’t have the gift that well-known video bloggers have. But I do not despair, now I am recording a series of tutorials on infobusiness, this idea should work (judging by the statistics). I do not want to work again in vain, so I try to take into account all the details.
Victoria - I am not eager to get into the camera lens, and I don’t understand it either. I am quite satisfied with the money that I get for watching videos. Someone will say "a tiny penny," but, not spending my time very much, I easily pay for mobile communication and sometimes order goods for myself on the network. I do not even plan to open the channel, this is not mine.
Ivan - I had one profit channel, but recently it was struck with strikes. It didn’t win back, but for the last year the total revenue from the channel has exceeded $ 17,000. I think this is really a good result (the videos were from funny cuts). The most important thing for me is the experience gained, now I know where the really big money is spinning.
Vladimir - I’ve been filling the channel about car audio for over a year. I like what I do, always showed interest in powerful bass and loud fronts. It’s a pity that they didn’t allow me to advertise my channel;I write reviews on different pancakes, amplifiers, converters and more. There is no stability, but every month comes at least 20,000 rubles.

It is a pity that millionaire videoblogs could not be reached, although their feedback on the network is so complete. Deciding to use video hosting for earnings, you should seriously think about the idea, it is desirable that it be first of all interesting for you.

What earnings on YouTube you can get out of, nobody knows. The main thing is not to be afraid and remember about the prospects. It is clear that after the launch of the channel, there will not be many views, you need to go to this. Therefore, you need to start on enthusiasm, forgetting about money.

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