Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

Every day we spend money, albeit small, but if you count all the expenses, you get an impressive amount. You can cover such costs with the help of the Internet.

The network is full of simple methods of earning that can earn profit without much effort. Now we consider one of these options.

Earnings on culinary recipes on the Internet from 300 rubles a day are already used by many people, mainly women.

At the stove, girls spend a lot of time, especially if they are big families. Why not simultaneously write down instructions and then get money for it.

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

How to earn the first 200 rubles on recipes?

Using this simple method, it is sometimes possible to fully recoup the cost of a cooked dish. Professional chef skills are not required for this, as is the author's talent.

But it is better to arm yourself with a camera, because recipes with pictures attract more attention and cost more.

The first 100 rubles for a recipe really get today. To do this, you need to register on the copywriting exchanges or use special services.

It doesn't matter what you cook, let it be banal scrambled eggs, add Provence herbs to it and take a few photos, but also by inventing an interesting name, you get quality material.

The easiest way to get 100-300 rubles for each recipe is to put it up for sale.

Many authors are engaged in this, cooking is a popular topic (because there are many websites created for it). The authors themselves set the price for the work done, for example:

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

This is how buyers see the “goods”. They are shown the name, a brief description and a preview of the photos. Based on this, they decide whether to spend the money.

In this case, the recipe costs $ 7. 7, at the current rate it is 450 rubles. Having made 5 such recipes per day, really earn more than 2,000 rubles.

Where to sell culinary recipes?

To start receiving money from the sale of texts, you need to register on special exchanges. It is advisable to immediately open an electronic wallet and start mail. You need to sell articles on the most well-known sites, because there are more buyers:

  1. is the only exchange with a map, even small mistakes are not allowed in the texts.
  2. - more loyal to errors, the balance is kept in rubles, often lucrative orders appear.
  3. is an exchange with the lowest quality requirements, so the prices are minimal here (a good option for a beginner).
  4. - it is convenient that on the website of the exchange you can check the uniqueness online. As for the rest, it is not much different from analogs.
  5. - choose this resource only if you are planning to seriously engage in the sale of articles, the quality requirements are high.

The principle of operation of all exchanges is the same, the authors add new materials, the site owners buy them for placement on their sites. The administration ensures that the texts were of high quality and the authors are guaranteed to receive payment.

Instructions for making money on recipes for a beginner

Do you find this type of earnings interesting? Today you can place the first materials for sale. Choosing any exchange, you will need to perform the same actions. To make it easier to start, we will show a clear instruction:

  1. Go to the stock exchange, where we registered and find the item "Add an article". A large form opens, for its explanation, we divide the page into several parts. First, the basic information that all users of the exchange will see is added:

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

  1. Be sure to fill in all fields, because the competition among authors is high, your work should look attractive. Buyers want to get optimized articles, so they should add keywords. Here, the cost is entered and the text language is selected:

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

  1. The last step to add an article for sale is to insert the full text. For this, a regular editor is proposed, you can select something, change the font size of subtitles, add images, links, and so on. Correctly format the material so that the customer is satisfied:

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

After adding text to the exchange, it is subject to mandatory testing by moderators. If the uniqueness is high and there are no errors, the material is sent for sale. It becomes available to buyers, it remains only to wait for someone to decide to pay for it.

Sites for earnings on the placement of recipes

In addition to copywriting exchanges, there are still many large projects that are ready to pay for the work of the authors. To work without intermediaries, they offer direct cooperation.

Somewhere quality materials are paid for, but somewhere a profit drips from the views of the article.The most generous services where people pay for placing recipes:

  1. is the first site in our ranking, where over 10,000 articles with recipes, instructions, and useful tips were published. At the very bottom of the site there is a link "earn", there are presented requirements for materials. Pay 50 rubles for each recipe.

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

  1. - by the name it is already clear that here you need to place recipes with only photos. No strict requirements, text from 500 characters, high-quality photos. Up to 500 rubles for 1000 views of the recipe is paid (only if the viewing lasts more than 15 seconds).
  1. - pay for recipes for 200 rubles, with high-quality photos and divided stages. Now they have a vacancy in the editor, they are looking for 5 people who are ready to work on a permanent basis. To get started, get a list of required recipes from the administration or provide links to previously published articles.

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

  1. - experts from various fields, including culinary, are registered on the site. You need to send your profile, wait for approval, and then post useful materials. Paid for 50 rubles for 1000 views of articles, you can add not only recipes.

Why should you use these services? Firstly, they are guaranteed payment for the work, and on the exchanges the recipe can be sold for several months.

Secondly, if there is a payment for views, then each material will passively generate income for a long time. If you post a lot of records, the money is accrued solid.

10 tips on creating recipes

Authors of articles with recipes should try to make really high-quality materials.

When selling them through exchanges or putting them on the above sites, various criteria are checked. Including the quality of photos, which depends on the lighting. But besides this, you should listen to these recommendations:

  • take pictures of freshly prepared food, when it cools or blushes, the appearance will lose its attractiveness;
  • add as much as possible more cooking steps, even minor actions will be recorded by the camera;
  • naturally, you need a high-quality camera to take clear pictures;
  • when you take photos, place something else next to the plate, it does snapshot more saturated;
  • do not use colorful dishes, as its variegated This will overshadow the attractive appearance of the dish itself;
  • if you are preparing something in a non-standard format (for example, mini burgers), add a hand and other objects to the frame so that you can understand the actual size;
  • when cooking vegetables and meat, it is advisable to take pictures a few minutes before full cooking, until they have lost their shape;
  • in many dishes, ordinary sunflower oil helps to achieve shine and freshness;
  • format text so that at first there was a greeting, then a list of ingredients, then a sewing oic instruction and, necessarily been concluded;
  • If you can not cook something complicated, it is better not to take, because the final pictures play a key role.

Acting correctly, the culinary recipes can quickly acquire regular customers. Who tries to make a really interesting material, and not just make money, is effectively spun.

The search for earnings on culinary recipes through the freelancing exchanges

The culinary niche on the Internet is seriously developed, really large projects have been created for it. Their owners are often looking for copywriters and rewriters to carry out serious orders.

It is worth considering not only simple options, but also vacancies or projects where they are asked to write more than a million characters:

Ways to make money on recipes from 300 rubles per day

Here we managed to find such an interesting order on the exchange . There are many other offers and not just prescriptions.

If you are ready to work with large volumes and content creation really suits you, you should look for customers through other freelance exchanges :

  • on most projects and vacancies , the service is absolutely free;
  • offer your services at 500 rubles through the exchange;
  • add ads to, get offers from customers;
  • register for, the service distributes orders by specialties, indicated in the profile;
  • the real part-time service began to be actively filled with orders for remote work.

It is better to create profiles at all sites, then you definitely won’t miss a great deal.

Earnings with culinary sites bring profit to many authors, and it is not always necessary to accompany materials with photos or invent something new. Some clients agree to rewriting.

Or maybe you should start making money on the culinary site? Look at the instructions for the designer Ucoz, run your own resource for free for a couple of hours.

Culinary recipes with photos are a great product, but you can make money on this content in other ways.

Decide for yourself what suits you best, in the end, you can even open your own channel on YouTube and share videos with instructions for cooking.

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