Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

Payment systems on the Internet are developing rapidly and open up more and more opportunities for their customers.

Electronic wallets already save a lot of time by refusing to queue and visit real shops and offices. At the same time, even beginners will be able to receive virtual currency.

Earnings at QIWI are of great interest to the audience, since this payment instrument has many advantages.

In Russia, Qiwi use electronic money actively, and there are terminals in all cities. To pay for different services and goods, you don’t need to make real money, it’s better to earn them online.

Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

How attractive is earnings with output to QIWI?

First of all, it is attractive because there is a wide variety available. There are ways for beginners and professionals from various fields. You don’t have to study for a long time or make deposits, you can also start from scratch.

Available options will be presented a little lower, now let's consider the main advantages of Qiwi wallets:

  • the simplest registration;
  • simple verification;
  • the account is tied to the phone number;
  • convenient mobile application;
  • there are services that accept only QIWI money;
  • the widest range of services;
  • simple withdrawals to cards;
  • instant transfers;
  • high security;
  • low fees.

In many ways, this payment system gives odds to its direct competitors. Open your wallet right now if you haven't done it yet. In addition to receiving all the benefits presented, you can also start working via the Internet.

Game Earnings on the Internet QIWI

First I would like to share my secrets of making a lot of money online. For several years now I have been working with investment games and have earned substantial income from this. I started with - a game about cars.

Cars of different levels are sold in it and they generate income on a full machine:

Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

You can buy them in any quantity, the more cars you have in your taxi fleet, the more more profit. There are various bonuses, you can earn on the first machine through surfing or an affiliate program (attracting new players).

I withdraw money from the game every day, here are my stats:

Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi
Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

Just as I earn in the game, only there need to grow tea bushes. They bring the leaves, collect them and sell them. Not so long ago, the developers came up with a convenient browser plugin, it is even more convenient to play with it.

Affiliate program 5 level, payments not only in the Qiwi payment system:

Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

Again, I show my payout statistics so that no one would think that I am advertising scam. In such games I manage to withdraw several thousand rubles every day. There are plenty of analogues for these projects, but the games presented are the best (the most favorable conditions).

Earnings on the Internet without investment QIWI

For users of Qiwi, many websites have been created that offer various kinds of work. Investments are not always needed, as well as a serious stock of knowledge. Now even earnings are available on clicks QIWI , and every newcomer will definitely handle it.

Here are some of the best systems that support the withdrawal to this payment:

  1. is a copywriting exchange, only recently added Kiwi to withdrawal methods. Real gurus work here, the authors write articles of various subjects and sell them at a good price. Small orders similar to mailers are also available.
  2. Seosprint - among the axles it takes the first place in the volume of available orders. It offers online earnings on clicks QIWI. In addition to the click job there are many other types of orders.
  3. - the performers work on the site through social networks. They use their accounts (not necessary to spin) to post likes, tweets, reposts, classes and other actions.
  4. SocPublic is another active advertising system that supports payments to Kiwi. There are enough tasks, and besides them they pay for visiting sites and a percentage of the income of invited users.
  5. - use QIWI for autostarting. After registration, download the browser extension and see banner ads. They do not appear often in the header of the site where you are located (this does not prevent studying the information).

With these services, it is easier to start a virtual career. Really big money brings only the first resource from this list. On the articles per day, you can do several thousand rubles, but first you have to gain experience, gain popularity and collect positive feedback.

Ways to make money on QIWI, sites with output to Qiwi

Other ways to make money QIWI

There are internet options that are not tied to any particular currency. For example, you can open an exchange office and help people convert electronic money.

Naturally, a small percentage is taken for it, which provides a profit. But this is not the only method:

  1. Skype tutor - the activity is suitable for educated people who are well versed in any science. Now interactive learning is a fashionable trend, people are willing to pay well for such services.
  2. Remote work in a call center - support service is on all major sites, and you can get into it as an operator. The main thing to find a project, the subject of which is close to you (for example, an online store of computer games).
  3. Earnings on your affiliate program is an idea for a full-fledged business, only it is quite difficult to implement it. We'll have to either look for some products, or attract not only partners, but also advertisers.
  4. Earnings on the sale of old books - will suit even those people who are far from modern technology. Books are now thrown away, forgetting about their benefits. But waste paper can cost a lot of money.
  5. Earnings for services without providing them - mediation in the field of freelancing. Establish contacts with professionals, start looking for customers and transfer orders. Extra charge you take, you yourself do nothing.

Five completely different ways to make money on a QIWI wallet. If you have big plans and live poorly all your life, you are not intentional, consider the most profitable options.

Scammers often talk about different distant work. Earn QIWI on the exchange is used by them as bait. Do not be fooled by this, to get any e-currency, you need to work hard.

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