Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

Despite the fact that Bitcoin has dropped from $ 1,000 to $ 620, the pursuit of this cryptocurrency continues.

A huge number of users want to use Bitcoin earnings, but do not know how to do it. In this article we will describe in detail where Bitcoins are paid and how to open your account for such money.

I would just like to say that there are no problems with using Bitcoin, they can be easily exchanged for any other virtual money or even withdrawn to a card.

To do this, it suffices to find the exchanger in the system, select the most favorable exchange rate and make an exchange. But to make an exchange, you first need to earn Bitcoin, consider a few simple options.

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

How to make Bitcoins?

To use the systems to make cryptocurrency, you first need to open an account. It’s easy to do, the system offers you to open a Bitcoin wallet for free in less than a minute.

To do this, go to the "Wallet" tab on this site and click on the appropriate button:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

After that, the registration procedure starts and you are asked to fill in the following form:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

Add the necessary information, pass the test for a captcha robot and click continue. A security window will open, but you can not read it, just click continue. It remains to log in by specifying a password, and a new account number will be generated for you:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

There are other systems offering opening Bitcoin wallets, but we chose for the following reasons:

  • high security;
  • easy to use interface;
  • instant transactions;
  • administration support;
  • no fees for payments.

To all these pluses, you can add the simplicity of registration that we have completed in a minute.

Where to earn Bitcoin?

If you used the simplest methods of earning Webmoney, then you probably know what bonus collection, autosurfing and clicker sponsors are. There are special services where money is paid for performing not complicated actions, and payments can be received in Bitcoins.

Consider stable and proven services:

1. Bonuses on Bitcoin wallet.
Let's start with a list of sites where you can take bonuses directly to your wallet every day. Of course, these are small amounts, but if you collect them for a long time and use all the available resources, then you can make good money on it. To collect bonuses use.

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

rotator with its taps to collect satoshes. You can earn 90000 satoshi per hour or per day up to 0. 02 BTC per hour. This is approximately 6-7 $

Try to visit all these sites every day and take bonuses, it will take a little time.

How to collect bonuses?

It is easy, after going to the site, you will see the form in which you just need to insert your wallet number:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

In most cases, this is accompanied by the introduction of a captcha, but even this does not take much time.

Note that when collecting bonuses, money is not immediately credited to the account. More precisely, they are transferred immediately, but they are not displayed in the wallet, since the amounts are small, and only hundredths of your balance can be seen on the account. But this is not a problem, you can track deposits via the Bitchest website. me ( the service is temporarily down ).

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

After you enter your wallet number, you will be presented with the same data. Here you can see how many transactions were completed and how many Bitcoins are in your wallet.

2. Surfing sites.
Visiting sites is as easy as collecting bonuses, the only difference is that you have to spend some time on the resource. There are several services that provide surfing with payment by Bitcoins.

At Visitbit (project is closed) you will find the largest number of active sites in surfing.

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

The project helps to keep track of the money that you managed to make from surfing.

Just go to the site and insert the number of your Bitcoin wallet, then the surfing starts. Different sites are opening, and your task is to wait until the time comes out on the timer and go through the captcha test:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

your profile.

You can make Bitcoins on surfing sites using an additional service.

You do not need to register here, scroll down the main page and see the form in which you need to enter your wallet address. After entering, you can tick the box to prevent the opening of other sites: >

If you want to get the maximum profit from surfing sites, it is better to use the service.

It requires registration, but it takes a couple of minutes (on the main page, click Get Started today and see the registration form):

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

Enter a real Email, since it will be confirmed through it. After logging in to your account, click View ADS and see a list of available links, where you will also see the cost of viewing:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

. . Payments are made on Mondays. According to many users of this service, the minimum salary can be collected in a few days, spending 10-15 minutes a day.

3. Simple games on bitcoin.
There are 3 almost identical services that offer simple games on BTC. No, you do not need to invest your money, they are provided with start-up bonuses. Their size is small, but you can get them several times a day (or even an hour), and also try to increase the accumulated bitcoins through simple games.

  • (bonus every hour);
  • (bonus every hour);

Using all three systems, we noticed that the biggest bonuses on Freebitco on the faucet. bitcoinzebra can try to double the capital, without losing anything. Each system has its advantages, so it is impossible to select the best, and it is not necessary, because you need to use them all in parallel.

Bitcoin earnings on mining

The easiest way is to collect money online on the machine. The minergate project was created specifically for this, it has Russian localization, so you can easily figure out what to do. Also, on our blog there is a detailed article about the project Earnings on mining with Minergate.

All you need to do is download a program that uses the resources of your computer. The more powerful the system, the more cryptocurrency is charged. What kind of cryptocurrency to receive, you decide for yourself, choose Bincoin:

Ways to make money Bitcoin | Workion. ru

In the management it is the simplest miner, it works in any operating system. To get more money from this system, install the program on several computers and log in with one account.

If possible, change the cryptocurrency at low production, then it can be exchanged (how to withdraw the cryptocurrency).

Bitcoin earnings is an excellent option for everyone. Given the rate of this currency, it is possible to say with confidence that income at least at 1 BTC can already be called successful. Use any of the methods presented in this article, it will not take you much time, but will bring additional profit.

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