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To carry out a powerful advertising campaign only by true professionals.

They know what tricks to use and how to influence potential customers. Many tricks are used in marketing, but you could not even hear about some of them.

What is marketing whale? This is a complex of various advertising materials that not only represent a product or service, but also tell about the company.

Demonstrating its differences from competitors, advantages, and much more, it is easier to locate a client, but to compile the necessary material is not easy.

Ways to make marketing whale | Workion. ru

Marketing whale, example, templates, download

A peculiar directory is obtained by marketers using this technique. It may look different, some even use paper. Often, the presentation format is chosen.

To present you an example of marketing kit , we found material from one of the companies:

Ways to make marketing whale | Workion. ru

Now even designers have been developed to create such materials. On the Internet it is easy to find templates for marketing whale. Individuality is welcome in this business, so it’s best to start development from scratch.

In order not to miss the important points, do not miss a single detail:

  • description of the company and its goals;
  • definition of the target audience;
  • Identifying problems of the target audience;
  • a description of how to solve problems;
  • a presentation of the situation when a product or service becomes a necessity;
  • a detailed description of the problem solving procedure;
  • creating a commercial offer;
  • presenting the benefits of your offer;
  • company development history;
  • a detailed description of the product, product, service;
  • answers to frequent Asked Questions
  • customer reviews;
  • contact information.

With this list you can create a marketing kit yourself. Experienced advertisers know how effective such materials are, so large companies always have them. Distributed by the so-called "brochures" depending on the selected format.

Ways to make marketing whale | Workion. ru

Ways to get marketing kit

You can present your marketing kit to clients in various ways. Unfortunately, no one does it for free, so it's best to do everything yourself. Can't imagine what form is better to make the material? Here are a few options:

  1. PDF document - it is most often used in such cases. It is impossible to edit the document, but due to the settings, everything is beautifully arranged.
  2. Presentation - most often used for projects on the Internet. Make it through Power Point or in the format of the video.
  3. Individual files in a folder - it is convenient to study without looking at all the information at once. Here it is only inconvenient to distribute, so it is better to make any directory.
  4. A print edition is an expensive pleasure, as you will have to print a huge number of copies.
  5. Landing page - it is also called a landing page. The usual one-page site where you can place as much information as you like.

A marketing whale is the professional work of narrow specialists. Himself make it hard enough.

Not everyone understands the psychology of potential buyers, and this is very important. You need to find the right words, images, phrases and other content.

Want to order a marketing kit? Find a freelancer through

, there are many talented advertisers there.

Although it’s not necessary to pay someone, as you can find free marketing whale templates on the Internet.

It is somewhat easier to apply them, but you still need to compose unique texts, add your own images, and so on. Can you handle this? At least you can try.

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