Ways to earn money by selling files

All users have files on the computer of their users, and they can also be created to earn money later.

Think about what you have in it or what you can do? It can be anything, starting with pictures and databases, ending with old abstracts, coursework or even recorded songs.

Where on the Internet to earn money by selling files? Depending on what product you decide to offer to customers, you will need to use certain sites.

Now they are created for each file format, and for your convenience, we have made a selection.

Ways to earn money by selling files

Earnings on the sale of files

Do not try to sell something copied from the Internet or useless. It is unlikely that they will buy it, and you will only spend your time:

1. Text files (articles). Write as many articles as you can on any topic, you can sell them.

This is called making money on copywriting and is now fairly common on the Internet. The best exchanges where you can put such a product on sale are presented below:

  • ;
  • ;
  • .

2. Essays, term papers and dissertations. Quality work from education can make good money.

To begin with, you can put up for sale old essays and coursework, and then go to a permanent salary, helping students. Most buyers for this product you will find on.

3. Graphic files (photos, drawings). For filling websites, advertising and many other purposes, photos and beautiful pictures are bought on the Internet.

You can make good money on this if you have a high-quality camera or a good knowledge of Photoshop. Earn on the images, putting them on sale through:

  • ;
  • ;
  • .

4. Video files. Can you record video, is there a good camera and knowledge of working with editors? Then feel free to go to photo hosting sites, where videos are accepted for sale and earn.

About what to record video decide for yourself, as an option, you can see what you order on freelance exchanges.

  • ;
  • ;
  • .

5. Audio files. Music, sounds, songs - all this is also selling well on the Internet, especially in the foreign segment.

All audio files can be sold through the audio stock. Many people already earn through this site, even on sounds for certain actions.

6. Electronic books (video tutorials). This is already suitable for professionals and those who dream of making big money.

Think about what you can write a book, maybe about children or how to motivate yourself? As for the video lessons, different skills will be useful here.

For example, you can record courses on Forex, working with different programs or services. For the sale of information products use and.

7. Databases and more. There is one good site - on which users constantly post a lot of different files to make money.

What can it be?

  • databases (trust sites, Dofollow blogs);
  • video and audio courses;
  • forecasts for sports and forex;
  • photos;
  • templates for websites;
  • e-books.

Use this service and put up for sale a lot of different files. Some people earn in this system, even by selling pumped game accounts.

Ways to earn money by selling files

You can earn money by selling files at once in several ways, the most important thing is that they are valuable and of high quality.

If you are professionally engaged in writing articles, recording videos or photographs, it is quite possible to turn it into a real business with getting big money from it.

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