Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page

Social network users are interested in who they are interested in and who visits their personal page.

We have already told you how to check who visited my Vkontakte page. This is not the only popular social sphere, it has analogues. For example, Facebook is also actively used by the Russian-speaking audience.

Who went to the Facebook page, how to calculate? Unfortunately, such a function in the social. there is no network. The application in Facebook who visited the page is missing, the administration of the site ensures that these utilities do not appear. Therefore, it is necessary to use alternative methods.

Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page

How do I know who visited the Facebook page?

The most common way to track site visitors is to use different types of HTML statistics. Just type in the search engine, HTML statistics and get a lot of options. Copy the code and through special applications, add them to social networks.

The counter shows only the number of transitions:

Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page

Now this method is not relevant, since the necessary applications like "HTML box" or " FBML box "on Facebook are missing. You can search for their counterparts, an arbitrary code should be added to the application. Please note that the scripts are not added, so you may need a generator from Javascript to HTML.

Be careful when choosing a finished piece of HTML code and looking for an application. This is a risky way, because they can slip something wrong, then do not complain that you have been hacked or your account has been blocked.

Check your traffic with Google Analytics

The most popular statistics service from the global search engine, suitable for collecting information about communities. Find out who visited the personal Facebook page is not possible here, the method is only suitable for collecting data on the group.

To check the statistics on Facebook, you will need:

  1. Sign up for the service (use any account from Google services).
  2. To make it convenient to track data, on the main page of the statistics service, go to the channel groupings:
  3. Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page
  4. Here you need to create a new channel group:
  5. Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page
  6. Create a channel with settings as in this image:
  7. Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page
  8. Next, go to Acquisition, select All Traffic and click Channels to select Facebook Channel :
  9. Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page
  10. By selecting Facebook from the list, you will see information on all versions of the social network:
  11. Ways to collect attendance statistics of the Facebook page

Alternative too not perfect, somewhat complicated and does not allow to track who went to the Facebook page. But you can track the attendance of the group in different domains, the data is useful.

Calculate people interested in your page

Facebook developers follow the actions of users to offer them new friends. For some indicators, you can make certain conclusions about activity in a social network:

  • people displayed in a chat or a chronicle are users with whom you have established interactions (i.e., you Like each other, like, comment on posts, etc.). These people check your profile accurately;
  • By checking the friends list in the chronicle, refresh the page several times to get accurate data;
  • Using the previous method with adding statistics to a group, you can determine how many people visited on the page. To do this, it’s enough to put a link to the community from your wall, if someone came to it, it means that he visited your account;
  • if you type in any letter in the search, a list of pages that you see most often appears. This is a way to track interesting profiles;
  • look in the section "Perhaps you are familiar." When users show interest in any profile, their page appears in this block.

Now you know whether Facebook shows who has visited the page. There are no direct methods, but alternatives can always be found.

Users do not always get what they want. Some functions in social networks do not exist and no one will ever add them. The same story with checking visitors pages on Facebook. There is no direct access to such information.

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