Ways to attract referrals. Where to place the referral link?

A wide choice of affiliate programs provides Internet users with making money by attracting referrals.

Many people know that if you attract a lot of new participants to any system, you can consistently receive deductions doing nothing at all, but recruiting a large number of referrals is not so easy.

In order to ensure permanent registration in the referral network, you must actively distribute your affiliate link. The best way to do this is to create a website, but what should anyone do who do not have their own website and knowledge, how to create it? From this article you will learn where to place the referral link.

Ways to attract referrals

To begin with, you will need to find resources with a target audience that is interested in remote earnings. In other words, you need to find those users who also want to make money on the Internet. A huge number of such people are registered on Wmmail.

Ways to attract referrals. Where to place the referral link?

Ways to attract referrals. Where to place the referral link?

This mailer allows you to place partner links in several ways:

  • you can add partner links in your diary ;
  • you can create a topic in the gazebo and search for interested users, then send internal referral links by internal mail;
  • launch a newsletter to go to your affiliate link;
  • create a task with the requirement to register and become a referral.

You can be assured that with the help of Wmmail you will dial the first members of your network, since over 400,000 users are interested in remote earnings on this site.

Ways to attract referrals. Where to place the referral link?

In addition to using the Wmmail mailer, you can use the following ways to distribute an affiliate link:

  1. Forums. We have created many forums on the topic of earnings on the Internet, which are ideal for placing referral links. To do this, you need to register in them and create topics with a detailed description of the affiliate program. Forum moderators often delete topics with affiliate links, so create high-quality text and, if possible, show your own income statistics.
  2. Social networks. It is somewhat more difficult to distribute affiliate links on social networks, as it is difficult to identify the target audience. However, you can find groups on relevant topics and, for example, create discussions in them describing how to make money. Most importantly, do not spread spam.
  3. Advertising. For a certain amount, you can place referral links on hundreds of sites. This option will require serious expenses, as not many resource owners agree to place affiliate links, even if you provide them with a quality article in addition. Look for volunteers on webmasters forums.
  4. Comments on blogs. Every day there are more and more blogs on earnings on the Internet, and most of them are eventually abandoned. In addition, some bloggers do not moderate comments, where you can also place a referral link. It is better to choose projects with the appropriate theme, so as not to waste time in vain.

It is quite possible to recruit a lot of referrals without your own website, but this will take time or money. Set priorities and choose what you are willing to spend to develop your network in an affiliate program.

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