Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

One of the most interesting types of earnings in the world wide web is earnings on referrals.

Thousands of different projects offer their users to build referral networks and thereby organize a passive source of income.

In this article we will try to consider the main issues of people who are just starting to organize their referral network and want to succeed. The most common question is "Who are referrals and how to recruit them?", So we decided to start with this.

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Referrals are the users you invite to various projects, and later on you will make a profit from their actions. For example, inviting people to mail services, you can receive a percentage of their earnings or from the input of funds.

In addition to email services, you can attract referrals to freelance and copywriting exchanges, affiliate programs, online casinos, betting cantors, etc.

Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

How to recruit referrals for free?

To attract new users, the system provides its users with special links that, after clicking on, people register and become referrals other participants.

The benefit in this case is for everyone, services receive a constant “tide” of new users, referrers (people who invite new members) profit from the activity of users, and referrals will learn about the possibility of using useful service and can refer to those who invited them.

There are many different ways to recruit referrals:

1 . The easiest is to invite all your friends to the service you are using. For example, you can talk about the success of your friends and acquaintances that you have achieved by selling articles on one of the exchanges. This type of attraction is the most effective, because you can explain everything to new users, as well as your offer will be accompanied by trust.

Unfortunately, the circle of acquaintances is limited, and this method will not bring you a huge audience of users, which makes it not the most practical.

2 . In the presence of money or time, you can do advertising referral links. For example, you can post entries in the forums, thanks to which you will receive new users. In addition, you can invest in an advertising company that will represent your banners and links for a fee.

This method can be quite productive, but at the same time it is accompanied by some expenses, both time and money, which limits the circle of people using this method.

Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

Creating a website to recruit referrals

3 . The last option, which we present, is to create your own website. Thanks to your project, you can constantly receive new referrals and distribute advertising.

Separately, I would like to say that thanks to the articles, you can influence the level of interest of users, which will allow you to get a huge number of potential referrals.

According to many people, this method of attracting participants to the service is the most acceptable and productive.

If you want to build a large referral network, then proceed to the implementation of your site, perhaps this will allow you to succeed.

If you begin to actively use all the possibilities for attracting users, then it is quite possible that you will achieve a successful result.

Many people choose this method of earning, and they are easy to understand, because thanks to the referrals you can earn by doing nothing, but only by getting small percentages for their activity.

How to dial referrals on the machine?

To avoid having to send invitations yourself, communicate with people, and post links somewhere, use click-through sponsors.

On the best mailers, you can create tasks and ask people to register, or place a referral link on any site.

This is not difficult to do, for example, if you use the Wmmail project, the instructions for action will be as follows:

  1. Pass the registration, go to the advertiser's personal account, select tasks and create a new one:
  2. Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine
  3. A page will open where you can freely specify the conditions for completing the task and add an affiliate link:
  4. Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine
  5. During creation tasks, you can set different settings. The most important thing is to enter the amount of payment for execution (if only registration, then you can pay 2-3 cents).Set the remaining parameters at your discretion:
  6. Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine
  7. After saving the task, it will be added to the list, where you will need to replenish its balance first, and then run:
  8. Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

Everything is simple, people will start registering on your link, and you will only have to check their reports in order not to pay fraudsters.

Also surf ads are available on mailers. You can specify an affiliate link there and order transitions on it. On Wmmail, just $ 15 is worth 10,000 surfing jumps. Not the fact that there will be a lot of registrations, but someone may be interested in the site.

You have no money for it? Not a problem either, because you can perform other people's tasks on the axle boxes and thereby replenish the balance. Choose the most expensive orders by completing the task with a payment of $ 1, you can order 100 accomplishments of your task of 1 cent.

Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

Where to recruit referrals for free?

If you have free time, then try to attract referrals for free through social networks. You can place any posts in them, as well as wind reposts, using special services.

It’s good if there is a promoted page, and the most effective option is to create a Vkontakte group on similar sites.

Posts need to be decorated beautifully so that they attract attention. The image must be mandatory:

Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

This is an advertisement of a fairly popular project, where you can earn money by viewing ads. There operates a 10-level affiliate program, according to which users with high ratings can receive up to 10%.

It is this system that is best to look for, because only one person you invite can attract a whole network of participants.

There is no need to pay any money in social networks, but there is so much advertising spreading there that your records can be simply deleted or not viewed. Plus, it is worth considering their rules, the page can be frozen for spam.

How to quickly recruit referrals?

Do you want to attract a huge audience as soon as possible? Then you have to invest money. You can negotiate with the owners of sites on advertising.

If you don’t want to communicate directly, try using the system, there are many different sites added for renting different areas of the site:

Ways to attract referrals quickly on the machine

This is part of the available resources in The table shows the shows and prices for the month. It uses an unusual form of payment. Money is paid not for clicks or impressions (like everywhere else), but for 30 days of advertising.

Prices are relatively not high, so this service can be considered one of the best to attract referrals.

Before you start an advertising campaign and spend money, create effective promotional materials (banners, teasers, etc.).

In addition to the above mentioned service, there are many alternative resources in which you can also order advertising or placement of an affiliate link:

  1. - this website allows you to order placement on video advertising sites.
  2. - suitable for advertising in Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki groups.
  3. - here is the largest base of platforms for advertising from social networks.
  4. - buy links from blogs, channels on YouTube and social. networks.
  5. - payment of impressions in the advertising line (you can order from me, the line at the top).
  6. - order placement of banners on partner sites.

If you plan to invite people to some services to earn newbies, you will need a banner advertisement from Seosprint. A total of 20 kopecks you will pay for the transitions on your promotional materials.

Be sure to note that this system is mainly used by beginners, so there is no point in advertising something serious, such as Forex brokers.

Tips on recruiting referrals

Even professionals make great efforts to attract new users to various systems. My main income is referral networks , so I know firsthand how hard it is to find an active user who can bring good profit.

Due to experience, I learned various tricks, I am ready to share them with you:

  • you need to use as many ways of recruiting referrals as you can;
  • advertising shows good results
  • is the most effective way to attract referrals, this is your own website;
  • you need to learn this to come up with tempting texts;
  • use short sentences, do not send people text in 5000 characters;
  • create original banners and teasers, do not use hackneyed promo;
  • never fool people, because after registration, they will not be active;
  • offer your help to referrals so that they do not leave the project;
  • motivate people to become a referral, offer bonuses or refback;
  • make short links so that no one went directly to the site (how to make the link short);
  • animated banners provide the highest conversion;
  • using different methods and services, follow the statistics and draw conclusions;
  • invite only interested people, in this matter quality is important, not quantity.

As you work, you will gain experience and you will have your own secrets of recruiting referrals. The most important thing is not to stop and work actively, because here everything goes to prospects, at first there will be no income.

Not so long ago I was talking about earnings in refining, where I showed my statistics from several sites. This is really a profitable and promising business.

It’s hard to say how many referrals can be attracted in one way or another, because a lot depends on how much money is spent, how much the target audience is filtered out and whether promotional materials are really used.

In any case, this is a worthy option for making money that you should use.

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