Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

When using electronic money, each user chooses a payment system. Despite the fact that Webmoney is the most convenient and secure, some prefer Yandex. Money, as they are a little easier to use.

In general, Yandex Money is not the worst option and now this currency is increasingly used in various systems. The most important thing is that you can earn it online, without even having a high level of knowledge.

Where to earn Yandex. Money? In this article we will present the best service, and also tell you about alternatives.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Where can I get money from Yandex wallet?

One of the few systems that does not stop working with Yandex money is Seosprint. Reliable and high-quality clique sponsor, where there are several ways to make money. The main way is to complete assignments, you can spend as much time as you like on a daily basis and get paid immediately.

Browsing sites for money on Seosprint is easier, but it does not bring good profit. It is not difficult to carry out tasks; in the earnings article on Seosprint we described in detail how to register for this project and what to do to make a profit.

We will not re-describe all these actions, but merely present a list of tasks that you will be able to do for money:

  • registration on sites;
  • registration with activity ( fill out a profile, increase rating, complete a level in the game);
  • write a comment, review, article, press release;
  • add friends to social networks, join groups, make reposts, etc. d.;
  • click on the ads installed on the sites;
  • download various files.

There are many other types of tasks, some of which take just a few seconds to complete. Naturally, the more complex the requirements, the higher the payment, the cheapest tasks bring in 20 kopecks, the most difficult ones over 500 rubles .

You can output from Seosprint not only to Yandex. Money :

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

As you can see, several options are available, and funds from 10 rubles can be sent to a Yandex account. This is not a high threshold that you can reach in less than an hour of work.

Earnings Yandex. Money on other mailers

In addition to Seosprint, you can use several high-quality analogues. First, it will give you access to even more tasks. Secondly, you can run your orders and attract referrals from one box to another. Thirdly, you need to create several sources of profit, it is safer.

Socpublic - 2500 tasks.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

The youngest representative of clique sponsors, but offering a lot of simple work. Performing tasks here is as simple as Seosprint, and by being active, you get a chance to win the competition. Newbies can order payments once every three days; do not forget to specify the wallet number in your profile.

- 5000 tasks.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

This book is ranked as the old clickable sponsor. Launched it in 2009, it continues to evolve and offers several options for making money online. The main way is the execution of tasks. You can use other mailers to invite referrals here, the affiliate program is profitable.

- 6600 tasks.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

For 3 years of work, this mailer managed to pay users more than 17 million rubles. There are many tasks, their number is constantly updated, and often lucrative offers are added. In parallel with the earnings on assignments, use the affiliate program and attract new members.

With the books, the easiest way is to earn Yandex. Money. In the presented boxes there is a withdrawal function for this payment system, and you can receive money for a wallet today, just work a few hours and collect a decent amount.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Earnings Yandex. Money at the games

The most interesting option of remote earnings, since you do not need to do work, you need to play simple games. In all games with the withdrawal of money it is proposed to become a virtual entrepreneur, and what business you will have depends on the chosen project:

- you can become the owner of your own taxi pool.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

After registration, money is invested in the purchase of cars, and each of them brings in money every day. You can display them every day, direct transfers to Yandex. Money is available. Gradually developing and buying more cars, you can reach a serious profit.

- everything is much simpler here, you hire gnomes, they mine ore. Sell ​​ore and withdraw money.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

It is easy to play, but you will have to invest a lump sum in order to reach large profits. But you can start without investments, the start bonus is enough to hire the first gnome.

- you will open your bird farm on this project in order to collect eggs and get profit from their sale.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

The start bonus is also issued here, and when you replenish the balance you will receive up to 200% as a gift. The game becomes much more profitable when you attract referrals to it (use click sponsors to attract people here).

- buy birds, collect eggs and take money.

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

In each game, you can get a big profit, but this requires investment and time. If you do not have money, use the methods of earnings without investment.
If you don’t have time, accumulate a sufficient amount and make a large contribution. Games take only a few minutes a week, which are required to create applications for withdrawal.

Alternative ways of earning

Directly, the withdrawal of funds to Yandex’s wallets is far from everyone’s, so it’s better to open a Webmoney wallet, receive money for it, and then send it to Yandex . Making the transfer of domestic currency is not difficult, for this there is a service in which you can perform the exchange:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Just specify the currency and get a list of services with the most favorable rate. As you can see, now you can exchange Webmoney to Yandex. Money with a commission of just one penny, that is, from 100 rubles, you will give only 1 ruble of the commission.

Making money on a Webmoney wallet is even easier, since almost all systems work with this payment system. Be sure to visit the project Wmmail, it is the same mailer as Seosprint, which is easy to earn, but pay it a little more.

You can only withdraw to Webmoney, but thanks to profitable exchanges, this will not be a problem for you.

How to earn Yandex. Money for free?

You can also get money by completing tasks and selling articles on. The most popular content exchange with the most registered users. Why is this exchange? It also has the highest prices, and the interface is simple, so you quickly figure everything out.

If you are looking for a simpler option and want to sell articles, then use. This is another major content exchange where you can sell articles about anything.

Write down where you rested, tell us about how the car was repaired, or make useful material with various tips, all this can be put up for sale. The main thing is that you do not copy text from other sites, as each article is checked.
For all who actively use social. networks, you should use additional services:

Tasks are also placed here, but they can only be through social profiles. networks. For example, you can put likes or make reposts (retweets), getting paid for it.
E-money can also be earned in a host of other ways that we place on our website. Do not think that it is so difficult, a couple of weeks will be enough for you to figure it all out. If you are active, then it is quite possible that you will be able to create a stable source of profit.

How to earn up to $ 200 per day on Yandex. Money?

It is difficult to believe that such amounts can be collected in just one day, but this is reality. And you will not have to do difficult work, people make that kind of money on simple tasks through Facebook. For this, a special system of markups was created under the name Sarafanka (project is closed).

Does it smell like a scam? Do not make hasty conclusions. The fact is that for earnings in this system requires contributions. After registration, they give work for $ 5, you complete several orders and get money into the account. The tasks are extremely simple. Usually they ask you to join the Facebook groups:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

On the image you can see how much they pay on average. Such rewards are not in any conventional system of social markups. networks. After completing the work for $ 5, you need to buy a paid rate, their cost starts from $ 10, and the most expensive is $ 3000, the more you pay, the more time you need to work:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Trial tariff costs $ 5 (+ $ 5 bonus). When it is activated, during the 3 days the tasks come, the total reward for them will be $ 20. On the day you will need to spend half an hour on the job. In just 3 days you will turn $ 5 into $ 20, but this is only the beginning. Then you can buy more expensive tariffs and earn more.

Note, you will need to enter the site every day, otherwise tasks will be lost. Only on tariffs from $ 300 there is a function of freezing tasks.

In order not to engage in the performance of tasks, customers are offered a special program, it costs $ 200. To spend money on it or not, you decide, tasks are performed automatically, a month receives 25% of the money spent on the tariff. All that you earn on this site is displayed through Yandex. Money and other payments:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

It is advisable to pay the tariff from the same wallet, which then plan to order payments.The minimum amount is $ 15, and that there is no commission, withdraw up to $ 20 at a time. Before ordering payment, be sure to fill out a form and verify the phone number. Service is honest, payments from it come steadily.

This project has no analogs, and if you attract referrals, you don’t have to pay anything at all. The inviter is charged with a percentage of the system and a percentage of the tariff plans purchased by referrals, depending on the level. In total, there are 5 referral lines in the affiliate program with deductions from 1% to 50%.

How to make money on Yandex. Money without investments?

Deposits scare newbies, they have not yet decided whether they will work in the network, and they are already pulling money from them. There are ways that do not require investment at all. Why go far when Yandex has its own system of earnings on the Internet. Naturally, money is paid from it to Yandex wallets in other ways.

The service is called, and it was created to improve search results. Bots can not do all the work, sometimes it is a person who must define difficult moments. For example, the subject of pictures or the readability of the request. After registration, several tasks are available, the more you work, the more jobs are offered:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Payment is so low because the work is very simple. Sometimes they pay tuition, but it is not offered for all tasks (there are instructions). Be sure to watch them to avoid mistakes. For example, we chose one of the tasks, they are asked to look at the search results and determine which one is better:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Thus, ordinary users influence the search results and help Yandex become even better. For cents, you collect any amount and transfer it to one of 4 e-wallets or immediately to a PrivatBank card. Ukrainians are lucky, they can cash out money without payment systems, it is convenient:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Unlike the mailers, this site is really interesting to perform tasks. I earned only 37 cents on this site, but the experience still improved, so now I have about 50 types of tasks available (for each of them there are many pages to perform). The official earnings of Yandex money are definitely not related to deception.

Making Yandex Money on the Internet in freelancing

Anyone can become a freelancer, and only in this niche is not tied to any payment systems. You need to find online orders or vacancies, and then individually negotiate with the client for payment. It is possible that he will agree to pay on Yandex. Money or directly to a bank card.

To provide services, you need to learn something. Drawing banners, promoting groups in social networks, writing articles and so on. What work could you do remotely? So right away, thoughts might not come to mind, so it’s better to go to the exchange and see what they are offering:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

There are a lot of options, but there are plenty of people who want to take up work too. Only these two offers sent almost 150 applications. We'll have to take on small orders and reduce prices for a set of ratings and positive feedback. The only way to get to the top of fame.

To find customers, try adding your services to

. This is a freelance exchange under the motto "all for 300 rubles."

With the help of freelance exchanges, people earn not only on a one-time service. Through these sites are also looking for employees for a permanent job. Jobs are different, starting with the moderator and ending with advertising. Often, entrepreneurs are simply looking for an assistant to do a variety of work:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

For $ 150 a month, they offer to post only 10 articles in the news section of the site. It is quite good money, but they are looking for a specialist who is already able to do everything for the vacant position. Can you cope with the task? It is necessary to answer this question even before you send the application to the employer.

How I earned a million on Yandex. Money

There is no advertising on my blog, but this does not mean that it does not make money. It brings some more, and monetization passes through affiliate programs. In particular, due to referrals, which I have a lot on different sites. Once I started to build networks without a site, so you also have this opportunity.

To begin with, I will share the statistics of payments from the economic game. In it, I registered more than a year, scored a lot of referrals and order payments every day. Many people are surprised when they see how much I bet on the withdrawal daily:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

The total income from this project has long exceeded one million rubles, and I received almost all the payments from here on Yandex. Money. Attracting people is beneficial not only to this site, there are still many other quality projects. It is advisable for this to choose multi-level affiliate programs.

In the same way, I earn money from click-on sponsors. Who said that they can not bring normal money? It's a delusion.It is due to referrals on such sites that manage to collect huge sums. At the same time, there is a multi-level affiliate program on almost every box, so the team develops passively:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

Do not dream about quick money, here you need to work a lot and gradually build a team. It took me months to reach a stable high income. A penny dripping from each participant, in general, accumulates a substantial amount.

How to earn 100 rubles on Yandex Money in 5 minutes and without effort?

You must understand that there is no freebie on the Internet. Fraudsters offer ways, allegedly, you can collect and 1000 rubles for 5 minutes, but it's all a hoax. Either they will be asked to contribute, or they will not pay anything for the work done. There is only one proven option with which you can actually receive large amounts in a couple of minutes.

We are talking about binary options, they are now quickly gaining popularity. This type of earnings is associated with Forex, but everything is much simpler than with classical trading. Transactions are made directly on the site, and in terms of the complexity of their creation, you can compare it with a sports tote. So that you understand what we are talking about, let's look at an example on the Binomo platform:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

See, you first select an asset. This could be a currency pair, a precious metal, a commodity or stock. The graph shows how the quotation changes, and the trader needs to determine whether the trend will rise or descend at a certain time. Let's open the bid for 2500 rubles and suppose that in a minute the chart will go down below:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

All you had to do was enter the amount and select the time. The red and green buttons determine the type of bet (the chart will rise or go down). In order not to risk much, the Bollinger Line strategy was used for the forecast. It reduces the risks, in the end, it was possible to earn 4575 rubles:

Ways of earning Yandex money on games and boxes

In a minute, they raised 2,075 rubles, you see, a good result. If you make deals more often and for larger amounts, the income rises several times. You can withdraw funds to Yandex. Money, but for this, make a deposit from the same wallet. By the way about the deposit, you need at least 300 rubles to start. If you deposit a large amount, get a bonus.

Have you read the article? Now you need to decide how to make money on Yandex wallet. As you can see, the options are full, you can start from scratch, build a career or invest. Each user decides what is better to do, because each has their own preferences.

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