Ways of earning on the fall of the ruble

The national currency of our country will not strengthen its position, and with it, more and more people began to wonder how to make money in this position.

Despite the general decline in the economy, every Russian can improve the situation with personal finances without paying attention to quotes .

How to make money on the fall of the ruble? We have already told what to do with rubles during the crisis, the currency must be invested.

There are a lot of ways to do this, but some just don’t want to make deposits, they plan to do something more serious. The option of creating a business is also quite good, but you need to choose a niche correctly.

Ways of earning on the fall of the ruble

Who does not suffer from the fall of the ruble exchange rate?

Despite the drop in the domestic currency quotations, many people do not feel any negative consequences at all. On the contrary, all those who earned in foreign currency began to receive even more.

You will say that this is too small an audience, but it is not so, only through the Internet hundreds of thousands of people earn dollars and euros.

If you want to try a light job in euros, use the service

. If you are interested in dollars, use the exchange


The Internet is not all good, so we decided to consider options for earning in real life, which are suitable for the situation of the fall of the ruble:

  1. Import Substitution - to survive under pressure of sanctions, the state is required to replace imported goods. Now is the best time to open your farm, the production of electronics, building materials, and at least spare parts for lawn mowers.

    The dollar has grown and, with it, prices have increased, offer people domestic goods at a bargain price, there will definitely be buyers.

  2. Multicurrency loans - in this area it will be difficult to compete, since there are a lot of financial organizations. Nevertheless, the idea is good, especially for those who know how to make forecasts for the long term.

    If you are sure that within 1-3 months the dollar rate will remain at the same level, then why not give someone a foreign currency loan and not take more money from the recipient.

  3. Purchase of currency - the old proven method remains relevant. Here, too, you need to be extremely careful, as some analysts claim that the dollar will not grow much anymore. Although there are opponents of this opinion.

    We'll have to figure it out for ourselves and make the right decision. Remember that there are other stable currencies, for example, Yuan.

Some advise you to invest in the purchase of foreign equipment or real estate. The option is also not bad, because judging by the latest trends, prices will only increase. That's just not everyone will be able to find millions for the purchase of something expensive.

I earned on the fall of the ruble

Although speaking correctly, I earned on the appreciation of the dollar. Most of my capital is money received from referrals at various sites.

Part of the resources are foreign, and some work in Russia, but paid in dollars. A great example is the Wmmail service, where I am in the first place in terms of the number of referrals.

After the increase in the exchange rate, the rates on the site began to be gradually adjusted, but if earlier referrals brought $ 100 and I thought it was good (3,500 rubles). Now the same amount is received, but when it is exchanged, 7,000 rubles are already released:

Ways of earning on the fall of the ruble

As for foreign services, even the prices have not been adjusted there, but I don’t have many for them referrals. Everyone can receive money through the Internet, and if you know English, there are no problems with it at all.

Earnings on currencies on the Internet

Most newbies think that you can win on a currency only if you know for sure when its rate will soar. In fact, this is not the case; you can also make good money on lowering quotes. Especially for this, a trading instrument was created called binary options.

When using it, bets are placed on the movement of trends. For example, you can select Dollar / Ruble and specify the time when the course will change. In which direction it will change, decide for yourself, this requires forecasting.

To show an example, let's go to the broker's website:

Ways of earning on the fall of the ruble

Using TrendMaster tactics, we decided to put $ 500 on the fact that the dollar exchange rate to rubles will decline slightly in a few minutes. The image shows where the bet amount is entered. After that, it was only necessary to press the " Below " button.

The selected time has come and the result is presented:

Ways of earning on the fall of the ruble

As you can see, we managed to get a good win. Similarly, you can earn on the fall of the ruble, in relation to any other currency. We have to make contributions to this business, but even 300 rubles is enough at the very beginning .

Details in the video review:

It does not matter if the ruble exchange rate falls or rises, you can always find ways to earn money that do not depend on the direction of quotations.

The most important thing is not to wait for the best moment, but to act on the situation. Specifically, now the dollar has risen 2 times, push off from the current situation and look for options for making profit exactly today.

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