Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

People often do not pay attention to the obvious ways of earning, but at the same time, they are constantly looking for additional sources of income. Popular social networks can also generate income, you just need to choose one of the methods for their monetization.

Millions have already taken advantage of this, but some earn extra money, while others collect huge sums.

How to make real money on Instagram - a guide for newbies we will present in this article so that everyone can figure it out and take the first step today.

Nobody believed that Instagram would take the lead; the project appeared when social services were in the niche. networks have already been established leaders, but due to the chips managed to get into the TOP.

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Can I make money on free Instagram at all?

The Instagram social network is the first project that was available only from mobile devices. At the time of active development of smartphones and tablets, it played an important role.

In 2012, the application was bought by the company Facebook, new functions immediately appeared in it, the popularity began to grow even faster.

Moneymakers from Runet did not immediately notice “Instu”, about 2-3 years ago, when they added the ability to upload short clips, business pages began to appear more actively, for some it became the starting point for starting a business.

Now, do not surprise anyone with sales and customer acquisition accounts. However, this is not the only opportunity to use the social network.

Not bad money is received by the owners of promoted accounts. They for money place advertising in a profile. There are those who work on Instagram through cheating, it is even easier, you can not even promote the page.

Instagram’s commercial potential is really high, and not only for project owners. Regular users can use it for their own purposes. There are so many functions here that various methods of work are available.

Ways of earning on Instagram

Social network users use unexpected and interesting options. Someone even manages to sell their pictures or use Instagram as a portfolio. Only this is too difficult and still have to use third-party resources.

If you decide to make money on this popular project, it is better to use proven methods:

  1. Earnings on Instagram on likes, comments and subscriptions.

The easiest method that anyone can use right now, even if his account is not popular. In the social network cheat is constantly ordered, most often for promotion.

Users spend money on likes, comments, subscriptions. Contractors perform orders and receive remuneration for it:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

To do this kind of work, you don’t need to understand anything (except in the interface of sites with tasks) and even more so to invest some money. Just register and do simple tasks.

Naturally, the payment for them is not high, but sometimes there are great offers. Look for them on these sites:

  • (there is a mobile application);
  • (tasks are available without social networks);
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

All the sites presented have approximately the same conditions, functions, rewards. They have more complex analogues, where you need to send reports after execution, write large texts, and so on. There you can actually find such orders:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

As you can see, the payment is higher (3. 5 rubles), but the conditions are more serious. Although every newbie will cope with writing a short comment. By completing only 10 such instructions, you will already collect the first 35 rubles.

An experienced user will spend no more than 10 minutes on this. Look for similar orders here:

  • (copywriting exchange);
  • Wmmail (click-through sponsor);
  • (commentary exchange);
  • (service reviews reviews);
  • (cheat on social networks and link placement).

It is more profitable to perform more complex tasks. It is better to take it at once, let it be somewhat more difficult to figure it out at once, but the payment is good.

The sites above will have to search for orders on Instagram, in some systems there is no separate section with a choice of social network.

  1. Earnings on Instagram for advertising.

To use this method, you must first promote your page. Below we will tell you how many subscribers need to Instagram to make money and how to recruit them.

When an account becomes popular, offers from direct advertisers start coming. This is the best way to monetize, but it will take a long time to wait for applications.

You can speed up this process with the help of special services. Created special sites for earnings in Instagram, where you need to add your profiles.They are considered by advertisers and choose suitable sites:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Just look at the prices for advertising in the most popular Instagram posts. Earnings on Instagram more than 230. 000 rubles. per month, this is not the limit .

To find advertisers, send applications yourself and offer pages for advertising, use these projects:

  1. - earnings on subscribers in Instagram, Vkontakte, Twitter and other social networks. Add your sites, specify the cost of advertising (the system will offer an average value), accept applications.
  2. - exchange for earnings in Instagram and other social networks. Here you also need to add your own page, it should be more than a month, at least 50 posted posts and 500 subscribers.
  3. - earnings on your Instagram account, other pages and VK groups. In general, the service was created to place links on blogs, but social networks are also available. There should be at least 100 entries on the wall, at least 500 subscribers, page age from six months.

It is better to add your public files and profiles to all exchanges at once. This will ensure maximum coverage of advertisers. Regularly look at the exchanges and process applications (you can still send offers on the Blogun).

Remember, the more subscribers you have and the higher the activity, the more often advertisers will use the site.

  1. Earnings through Instagram with affiliate programs.

This option is similar to the previous one, just do not have to wait for offers from advertisers. Work under the motto "Myself boss" because you choose what to advertise, in what format, how often and so on.

To use this method, you need to become a partner of one of the major sites. The article - what are affiliate programs are presented a large list of suitable resources.

For example, you sell goods from an online store and get a percentage / fixed reward for each attracted buyer:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Conditions are different everywhere, you need to look for something under your target audience. For example, if you publish photos from your travels, it is advisable to cooperate with affiliate programs for the sale of airline tickets.

Want to know how much earnings on Instagram through affiliate programs can bring? I will show the statistics of my payments from one of the interesting sites:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Investors were involved in the economic game, people invested money and for this came a percentage of deductions. The game is called, you can use it too.

It is important to select affiliate programs for the target audience, otherwise, no one will take advantage of the offer, advertising will not bring profit.

  1. Earnings on promotion in Instagram.

Being engaged in monetization of your own site, you get invaluable experience and you begin to understand what exactly needs to be done.

Such knowledge is suitable for remote work. Why not offer your own Instagram services? This is exactly what freelancers do, here are a few suggestions:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Examples are taken from the site, all services cost 500 rubles, and freelancers can add as many quorques as necessary. Offer a full range of services, not just promotion.

Professionals are looking for content creation, account creation, help in monetization, and so on. Look for vacancies and large orders on freelance exchanges:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

The popularity of Instagram is only increasing, so more and more work is being offered. Under any knowledge and skills really find applications.

Just get ready for competition, many people want to work in social networks, employers receive a lot of applications. Not the fact that your candidacy will be immediately accepted.

  1. Own business - earnings on the Instagram page.

Nobody forbids using Instagram pages to use their services and products as showcases. Most often there are accounts filled with different products, in the comments are descriptions and prices. You need to contact the seller and place orders:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Few people subscribe to such pages, they are simply not interesting. Much more attention is drawn to the accounts, decorated in the format of a portfolio.

It must be remembered that Instagram was created to accommodate interesting, vivid photos. Therefore, this advertising platform is ideal for creative people:

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

It is necessary to achieve such an effect that people subscribe not only because they want to become clients, but also just to view unusual pictures in the news feed .

The article about who collects more likes on Instagram, described in more detail the correct publication of posts.

It is easier to start with elementary tasks, but such earnings on Instagram on the Internet are not the most profitable. Try different options, do not forget about the prospects.

Its business is good, only it is extremely difficult to do this, you should first gain experience and understand all the intricacies of progress.

How many subscribers need Instagram to make money?

Talking about social media advertising exchanges above, we have already shown their requirements. As a rule, it is at least 500 subscribers. With such an indicator, applications will arrive, but only if the price is low (up to 50 rubles).

To make the applications more stable and the offers to be profitable, dial at least 30,000 subscriptions.

There is no exact number for earnings, the main thing is not to stop. When you achieve the indicators that are presented above, you can already get something from your page, but you will need to continue to advance, so that the audience will increase.

Revenues may gradually fall if this is not done.

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

How to promote a Instagram page?

It is becoming more and more difficult to gain popularity in this social network due to high competition. Nevertheless, it is still possible for diligent users.

There are a lot of nuances and peculiarities in the promotion, therefore we recommend you a selection of useful articles:

  • how to make likes;
  • how to lead correctly Instagram;
  • how I dialed 20,000 subscribers;
  • 7 useful features on Instagram;
  • which photos pushed subscribers;
  • Instagram followers; 46. >
  • Instagram promotion without markups.

Don't even expect to reach a large number of subscribers in a short time. We need a long and active work on increasing the audience. We can not forget about the bans from the administration, for brazen cheating and breaking the rules can block the page.

With the development of public in Instagram, you need to put maximum effort. Publish only high-quality and thematic content, be original, stand out among competitors.

Stay open to subscribers, chat with them, respond to comments. Part of the profits from advertising must be put into circulation. Order advertising posts on other pages.

Ways of earning in Instagram, subscriptions, reviews

Earnings on Instagram Reviews

Social networks are used differently, because everyone has different goals and opportunities. Someone chooses a simple job, someone builds a serious career.

Through the earnings forums, we found people who are actively working on Instagram and asked them to tell us a little about their activities:

  1. Elena - 18 years old, novice moneymaker .

Someday I will start my online business through social networks, but for now I have made 6 Instagram accounts and use them to complete tasks. In my free time I go to different sites, write comments, subscribe to pages. The money is not big, but there is always something to put on the phone and I constantly order things in online stores.

  1. Andrew - 25 years old, making money on affiliate programs.

I have been promoting pages on various social networks for several years. So far, the best indicator is 90,000 subscribers (this is only on one account). I monetize pages only through affiliate programs. I advertise online loans, online shopping, this is not the main income for me, but 10-15 thousand rubles a month is stable.

  1. Irina - 37 years old, entrepreneur.

I have long wanted to be engaged in the wedding business, I like making jewelry, working on interior decoration. I decided to start an Instagram account and publish examples of my work in it. At first, only acquaintances asked for help, but now I receive 2-3 large orders stably every month.

These people were also looking for a side job and decided to use Instagram for this purpose. They did it, the social network brings money, but the amounts are different. It is necessary to firmly decide at the start, what is better for you to do, it requires an individual approach.

Instagram advertising is one of the best ways to make money on a social network and to promote your pages.

The earnings of bloggers on Instagram are surprising, for some it has become the main source of income. Just as well-known groups in other social networks, the Instagram site is capable of bringing substantial profit.

It is only necessary to tightly engage in promotion and find effective methods of monetization.

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