Waiting - Preparing for the marathon. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

What do you expect from Сhallange and what do you expect from yourself?

Waiting - Preparing for the marathon. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

Challenge is a powerful process focused on laying the foundations for a successful Internet business. For this reason, our main goal for you at the end of the marathon is to earn 1 $ , that's all. People who truly succeed in the thirty days of the Challenge are people who follow the advice of the marathon every day. Testing a niche, finding the right combination of factors that will move you forward. Repeating the action of each of the modules and measuring the results. Everything is directed to moving forward.

The most important and simple thing is to squeeze everything out of the Challenge - just stick to it. Every day, just 30 minutes, 7 days and 7 modules. Are you ready for work? Is there a lot of 30 minutes a day for you?

Why did we choose only 1 $ as a target? Why not $ 100 or $ 10,000? Everything is very simple. Understanding how to build your business gives you simple goals that are not burdened with risks. Are you ready to accept the sum of $ 100,000 with your mind? That you earn it in a month. This figure does not cut the “ear”? She calmly fit in your head and you accept it calmly and thoughts do not say “this is unbelievable”? If not, then building a business will be a hard chore, which will put pressure on your mind.

When we say “O! $ 1. I will do it” . We accept this figure calmly because we live with every day, we know how to spend this money and how it looks in the working process. We know its value and it is easy for us to calculate the effort spent.

Therefore, 1 $ is the goal of our marathon. You will understand the whole process of creating your own successful Internet business. It is important for you to understand this. Then everything is built up incrementally.

Our expectation level is $ 1

What else is important to consider? Habits . Following each day maraf You are acquiring an important quality - the habit of doing everything planned, purposefully and regularly. These are extremely important qualities for running any business. The experience that you will get during the entire marathon is more expensive than $ 7 $ 1 11.

Only 30 minutes a day.

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