Waiting for monetization. Module 6. Day 7 - Profit Hunter

How are you making money with 1 $ in the marathon? If you have failed, does this mean that all your work was in vain? What vain did you get into this game? Or that you are unable to do online business, is it not yours? … No no and one more time no. Nothing goes in vain. The time devoted to each lesson, given to the practice during this mrathon, did not pass into empty. Why?

How much did you know about online business, where to start, what to look for, etc. before the marathon? Did your knowledge and experience get better after 6 modules? I suppose so. You know more. And you already have an advantage over those who do not know anything about it, or are lazy or have withdrawn from the marathon. You have already made your way to higher positions in comparison with others. You are in the TOP. We need to continue what we have started, analyze our mistakes, analyze the market. Remember: perseverance and patience are the key to success.

What to do next? Test, test and test. You have a ready arsenal of necessary knowledge and tools to create your online business. On the examples of our sites you saw that they (sites) are not mega heaped up. These are simple optimized sites for affiliate programs. It's complicated? ... What would you say when there were no such popular CMS and all sites were written almost manually in HTML? Today, everything is almost automated. So ... excuses are not accepted.

What will be discussed in module # 7? In short - will debriefing.

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