Vkontakte comments for the site, how to install?

Many site owners want to make their projects user-friendly. A great option to add ergonomics is to integrate some elements with social networks, because almost every Internet user is registered in social. networks and actively use them.

You can add posts, set buttons and use tabs, but the most convenient option is to use the comments form. Vkontakte comments for the site are not difficult to install, for this special functionality has been created on this project. Now we will clearly show you how to do it all.

Vkontakte comments for the site, how to install?

Setting comments from Vkontakte

First, go to the page with the comment widget on Vkontakte website -.

After that you need a few minutes to fill out the form:

Vkontakte comments for the site, how to install?

Fill in the first four lines, then click save and copy the code to paste. The resulting code will need to install on your site, the form will immediately begin to work. Everything is very simple and special knowledge is not required for this.

The comments from Vkontakte are good:

  • commentators do not need to register and fill in various forms;
  • comments can be broadcast to the author’s page that can attract additional traffic;
  • thanks to a multi-level system, huge comments can be developed in comments;
  • the speed of the widget is excellent, moreover, no errors appear;
  • moderation can be performed straight from admin site panels;
  • all comments are stored in Vkontakte databases, so they do not take up space (there may also be videos).

Helpful tips:

  • be sure to note how many comments will be displayed on the page so that they do not stretch it;
  • include media so that commentators can add videos, audio recordings, graffiti, and so on;
  • choose the correct width of the form so that it fits well with the design.

At the very bottom of the page with the widget there is a link to go to the detailed documentation, this can also be useful.

It describes in detail the process of installing a widget on the site:

Vkontakte comments for the site, how to install?

In addition, the detailed documentation contains a lot of useful information about using the widget, provides examples of the admin panel, and It also explains the individual elements of the script for setting the form.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it is not at all difficult to set Vkontakte comments to your website . You can set comments absolutely on any site, now you have detailed instructions, and it will not be difficult at all.

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